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Complete My Assignment provides affordable Proofreading and Editing services to make all your academic papers completely error-free in no time.

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Editing and Proofreading

Even the most well-researched paper has the possibility to lose its grip and get weakened if it contains grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Students often face such issues while solving their assignment papers and due to these reasons they get poor grades. At Complete My Assignment, you get editing help online in all subjects.
Be it Law assignment editing help online, Finance assignment proofreading and writing services we do it all. Editing and proofreading are two strong pillars of academic writing that help in spotting errors or mistakes in the essay paper and rectifying the same to achieve high academic grades. Assignment Proofreading Services offered by Complete My Assignment assist the students in achieving high grades by eliminating all possible errors and making the paper flawless. CMA – Complete My Assignment offers such services of proofreading to make your content 100% error free so that your assignment is rewarded with best grades you can ever imagine.


What is meant by editing?

Editing enables the student to make the content error free. Editing involves certain activities namely, rethinking, reviewing the overall pattern, focusing on the topic, reassessing the paper content etc. Editing process ends when there is no error left behind. The primary objective of editing is to review your work and make sure that the ideas you have portrayed in your paper are correctly reflecting the thoughts you want to convey to your reader.

Answering the question in an appropriate manner

Editing should not be done immediately after writing. The writer should take a break and then again get back to it. The best way to spot errors in writing is reading the content loudly. Editing process begins with making sure that essay question is correctly answered. The answer must have three major parts. First is the introduction part which tells the reader about the overall content which is to be discussed. Then there comes the central content part followed by a brief conclusion which throws light on the whole paper in a concise manner.

Analyzing the structure, overall expression and the source of information

While reviewing the structure of your essay, one needs to look out for certain things like, incomplete phrases, ideas, sentences and thoughts which may not go with the flow of the content. A proper evaluation must be done to check the style and the overall expression of the paper. The citations must be performed as per the specified guidelines so that the sources are cited properly. In order to tackle this issue, the entire presentation must be adequately reviewed to check things like font size, color, and spacing.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading involves careful examination of your text for detecting and rectifying errors related to typing, grammar, style etc. No matter what the type of work is, it has to be proofread before submitting it to your university or college professor.

Take a break after writing

The brain is not conditioned to work correctly just after the lengthy and tiring work of assignment writing online. Therefore, one needs to take a break to relax the mind after the completion of the paper. This will help the writer to review the article in the desired manner.

Spot the errors by reviewing the content

One should look out for unidentified errors or silly mistakes that remain unnoticed to make the paper flawless. Slow reading in a way helps the writer to see potential errors that remain unnoticed while proofreading. One should read the article as a reader to spot the mistakes quickly.

Grammatical errors, spelling errors, and punctuation errors should be taken care of

As you go through the paper, mistakes regarding grammar, punctuation, and spelling need to be corrected. Separating text into sentences will enable the reader to read the phrase carefully. This will make things easy concerning spotting grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Always use a pen or pencil to mark any irregularities you come across while revising your paper. Apart from all this, it is better to perform both functions, i.e. editing and proofreading separately.


After understanding the basic concepts of editing and proofreading we can say that poor language is one of the major reasons why academic articles or papers get rejected. Any assignment free from errors or mistakes will allow the reviewers to focus on your research quality rather than the skills of your language. This entire thing will enhance the chances of your article to get the best academic grades.

Proofreading is a vital step which comes before final submissions of your paper. Superficial errors get corrected by this step. Editing, on the other hand, takes a deeper look at your paper’s content and can make it understandable, more organized and suitable for the audience. Proofreading alone can miss out the relevant feedback that can make the difference between assignment getting good grades or not.

This is because both editing and proofreading are necessary in order to help you produce top-notch content. Our writing services include both editing and proofreading which can make your academic grades glorified. Just log in to our website and avail our editing and proofreading services.

How Complete My Assignment – CMA helps in assignment writing or Essay Writing?

Completemyassignmnet.com is a well-established educational venture serving the students across the world in providing them top quality academic assistance. We have more than 2000 well-qualified experts having Ph.D. Degrees in their respective disciplines. They are expert in assisting students in various fields like essay writing, assignment writing, thesis writing, dissertation writing etc. Also, we provide services like editing, proofreading, formatting, referencing, plagiarism checking for the students in Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, Oman, etc.


  • I contacted CMA to avail proofreading services for my management assignment. They did their job so perfect that my paper became completely error free. I submitted that paper to my college and I got an A+ grade for that. Thanks to completemyassignment.com
    Ileana Dsouza (Ireland) Rating
  • I worked so hard to complete my thesis paper but due to many errors and mistakes, it was not accepted. I was being told either to remove all the errors or my thesis paper will get disqualified. A friend of mine told me about CMA which provides editing and proofreading services. I placed the order by uploading the document and paying the fees. Within one day I got my thesis paper, well edited, well proofread. All the errors were gone. All credit to CMA.
    Anish Thomas (USA) Rating
  • Firstly I thought that they would charge a lot of fees but all my illusions shattered when I actually got my best-quoted price to proofread my assignment which was way too affordable. I immediately placed the orders and got my work done in a few hours.
    Stuart McWeather (Australia ) Rating
  • There are other service providers in the market too but complete my assignment is just unbeatable. I am saying this from past experience as I was a regular customer of these online academic services. I got a top-notch content, free from all errors. You guys rock!
    Stanly Santacruz (New Zealand ) Rating
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