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What is a press release?

Press Releases are documented announcements inside a form providing information concerning a particular event happening in a company or organization to all the media houses. It is a very critical step in the process of public relations of an organization. The representatives of a company are its public relations which take care of its goodwill and media relations.

A press release is drafted when a company launches a new product or announces anything important in public. These press releases are delivered to the editorial board of all the media houses which provides the relevant information. In other words, by press release, we mean a formal document which showcases the important announcements of the company among the general public. Just like online assignment help, a press release is also a tedious task in which student feels difficulty in solving.

A press release has the power to make or break the issues since it is the first piece of information that the organization is publicizing. The purpose of a noble press release is to provide the necessary information that is needed for the general audience.


Online PR Writing Services from a Trusted Team

Whether you are introducing a new product or service, entering a new market, or holding a sale, issuing a press release is an ideal way to broadcast the company’s announcement to the world. This is a very affordable and simple way to keep your current and potential clients in touch with you.

At completemyassignment.com, we have a robust team of well-qualified press release writers that have drafted many newsworthy and successful press releases. We provide press release writing services at affordable prices ensuring you a cheap, trustworthy and quality driven Press Release Assignment Help. Complete My Assignment provides all sorts of student assignment help at cheap prices.

What are the key elements of a press release?


It is considered an essential part of a press release. The headline defines the main theme of a press release. If the content is engaging, then the main factor of this is a strong yet short headline. This is because the reader reads the headline first before reading the whole article.


Dateline consists of the date, city, and state where the press release is being issued, and it comes before the first paragraph of the release.It is important for journalists to know they are receiving the most up-to-date information.


It is also a very important element of a press release. The introduction conveys the message of the whole research writing, and also it gives a general idea regarding the primary topic of a press release.


Body formulates the detailing part regarding the topic of a press release. It comes after introduction. The body contains all the facts, figures, quotations, statistics, and backgrounder in a neat manner.


Again, a very critical part of a press release. In this part, the organization issues the press release giving the information regarding its name, information, address, phone number, etc.

Media Contact Information

In this section information such as name, Contact Number, Mailing address and mailing address are provided of the person related to public relation in terms of media.


The Ending of a press release is performed by putting three ### at the end of the press release,so that the journalists don’t miss out on anything, this is also done to let the reader know that it is the final end of the document.

What are the primary tips for writing an effective press release?

An effective press release is a well-articulated piece of information with all the relevant information regarding the topic.

Writing a short but strong headline

The Heading of the press release must be short and strong. Also, it must be catchy so that it draws the attention of the reader right through with the press release. You can contact Complete My Assignment where Press Release Assignment Writing Experts can guide you by providing reliable Online PR Writing Services.

Writing Clear and Concise

For a successful press release, writing clear and concise statements with easy to understand words is a prime condition. This precondition is very necessary for a press release. Short and simple sentences are more appealing and impactful as compared to long and wary sentences.

Stating the important information

Only that information must be written which is necessary and not irrelevant. The paper content should be crisp and to the point. It happens mostly that the press release gets stuffed with unnecessary information. You can take help from our experts who can provide you with custom press release writing assignment help.

No place for errors or omissions

There is no scope of any type of errors or omissions in the press release writing pieces. The piece or the write up must be checked thoroughly before the release took place. The goodwill of the firm can be hampered if proper attention is not paid towards this critical issue.

Therefore, it is correct to say that instead of being bulky the press release must be short and crisp. It should state the topic and provide relevant information. Press release writing is not easy work at all. Students get stuck in these complicated press release assignments and they ultimately not getting it completed by the deadline.

We have specialized tutors who are willing to help you in your all types of Press release assignment help. Our services cater to the whole world such as Writing Service in Australia, Writing Service in USA, Writing Service in UK, Writing Service in Singapore and many more. So what are you waiting for, visit completemyassignment.com and place the order now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Complete My Assignment is the best press release academic website in Australia with more than 98.7% customer satisfaction record.
Firstly, the body of the press release needs to be written by making use of news writing techniques and style. A headline must be included, or there must be a subheadline. Include the dateline along with the summary lead.
You can contact at our official website, which is completemyassignment.com and place your order request of press release assignment by paying the fees online.
By press release, we mean a statement issued to newspapers and journals giving information regarding a particular matter or an event.
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