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Being an Engineer is an awesome thing and especially if it is on the Australian land which is prosperous and opportunity driven. For work, you would require a CDR – Competency Demonstration Report for immigration purposes. Every year more than 4000000 students from various parts of the world take admission in Australian universities, and a majority of them are aspiring engineers. But after the graduation is over, these aspiring engineers leave the Australian land as they fail to present a good quality competency demonstration report – CDR to the Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia is the organization that takes care of the recruitment of engineers in Australia. For a student to prepare a CDR is not an easy job as its very complex, and all those countless guidelines make it more difficult.

Complete My Assignment or CMA is one of the major academic service providers in Australia. We at completemyassignment.com completely understands the challenges and hurdles a student face while doing a CDR. Hence we at CMA provide a helping hand to those aspiring engineers who are facing challenges and are willing to acquire a job on the Australian Land.

Completemyassignment.com is providing help concerning CDR to the students from many years. As per the report of a recent survey, more than 30% of applicants get rejected because they don’t produce a compelling CDR at the time of final submission. If you have a dream to be a CDR engineer in Australia, then you got to take CDR Help from the experienced CDR Experts at Complete My Assignment or CMA.


A CDR Report consists of three parts namely

Career professional Development

This is a kind of resume but with much broader coverage. This mentions the overall record of the candidate along with the experience that he has acquired so far. Further, it takes into account past experiences, achievements and education.

Career Episodes

Career projects are based on the projects done in the past. It throws light upon the contribution, role, learning, objective and achievement. The total episodes that are added are three, and each episode or chapter contains 1500 words.

Summary Statement

A summary statement is a tabular representation of the summary of career episodes. A summary statement of pre-defined form is accessible on the internet. It is necessary to define the aspects as per their paragraphs.

The most trustworthy CDR Help Providers in Australia

Every year many students take help from completemyassignment.com in CDR which is a guarantee of a promising professional career in Australia. By availing our extraordinary CDR writing services, you also get to avail amazing features that come along.

No delays

We provide 100% assistance in preparing your Competency Demonstration Report – CDR. Our competent team makes sure that your CDR is delivered to you right on time without any delay.

Reasonable Prices

Our services are affordable, and they won’t cost you much. You can easily avail our CDR writing services without feeling any pressure upon your pockets.

Easy Order Placement

Placing an order at completemyassignment.com is very easy, and you can get your CDR paper by following three easy steps. They are registration, payment of fees and downloading the content.

Authentic Content

We are committed to providing you with the best quality content which is wholly original and without any duplicity. We also provide you with a plagiarism checker report.


Our CDR writing help is now available on a global scale, and you can avail our services from any part of the world. It doesn't matter which region you belong to, you can place your order to get instant help.

24*7 Live Support

We at complete my assignment will address all your queries no matter what the time is. Our experts will give you the best academic solutions to fetch you maximum grades.

Engineering: Get It All Covered (Online CDR Help)

At CMA we have experts who have an in-depth knowledge of all the fields related to engineering and can assist you in the preparation of a well-crafted CDR as per your guidelines and specifications. Our CDR writing services cover all categories of engineering, whose list is given below:

CDR Help in Mechanical Engineering

CDR Help in Civil Engineering

CDR Help in Electrical Engineering

CDR Help in Chemical Engineering

CDR Help in Software Engineering

CDR Help in IT Engineering

Therefore, no matter from which branch of engineering you belong to, our CDR writing services cover all areas of engineering that exist on this planet earth. In case, you are still in doubt; you can access our free samples of CDR assignments available at our official website which is www.completemyassignmet.com by just registering yourself. Reviewing our free CDR assignment samples will give you an idea about how we work.

How can we help you in your CDR?

Our experts at CMA are well versed in CDR Writing. You can rest assured that you get the best possible CDR writing assistance service from our experts to make you achieve glory in your discipline. There is a booklet called Migration Skills Booklet of Engineers which mentions the guidelines to write a perfect CDR. The reason why so many CDRs get rejected every year is that they are not able to meet those guidelines mentioned in that booklet. Further, errors related to formatting make the things worse and due to these reasons many aspiring engineers every year get CDR writing help in Australia. One such service providing platform is completemyassignment.com where you get help from those who themselves are master in that particular field. They know regarding all the possible errors and make way to deal with them so that your CDR writing assignment never gets rejected.

CDR Writing support

All the guidelines specified by the Engineers Australia, are taken care of by our writers. The process of preparation of the report by these writers synchronizes with the guidelines and rules laid down by the evaluators. Apart from writing, valuable support is provided to various aspects of CDR writing.

Boosting Career episodes

Due to the technical information and engineering talk which a CDR contains, it can make a career episode sound dull. The assistance from our CDR writing experts can help you in converting your flat document into an interesting report. Also, the help can describe the personality traits of your profile in the most engaging way by the support of three career episode.

Editing and proofreading the report

Writing a compelling topic needs more than just writing skills. If you manage to write the CDR by yourself and are doubtful regarding the correctness of your paper. Then you can avail our editing and proofreading services where we revise your paper multiple times to make it flawless.

CMA Covers All Aspects OF CDR Writing

Following are the segments in which we assist:

A correctly written CV has the potential to create an unforgettable impression in the mind of the evaluator. Our writers can update your CV by incorporating some exciting facts and information about your overall profile and help you prepare a compelling CV document. These are the steps that our writers take to make your CV look more professional:

They study your profile and note down various points
Then there comes pointing out the highlighting facts
Then a compelling personal statement is created
Then they add a professional look to your CV

It is considered the most significant segment and hence takes a lot of time. For every CDR three career episodes throws light upon the contribution and experience of the candidate in Engineering. Our experts at CMA will help you in drafting a compelling career episode in the following ways:

Collecting relevant data of the candidate’s past experience
Creating the outline
Developing the career episodes
At last, editing and proofreading

The most impressive facts about your experiences must be incorporated in creating the summary of your abilities and competencies. Drafting a comprehensive summary becomes easier after writing the CERs. Getting help from our experts can be a wise decision in preparing your CERs to include the following:

Gong through the CERS
Choosing the most engaging or exciting facts
Creating a compelling summary
And Editing and proofreading

Some documents describing your past experiences are also included in your CDR report. We can also provide support to arrange those documents for you to complete your overall paperwork. This consists of the following:

The form of application
The documents of your academic records duly scanned and attested
An attested copy of your report
Continuing Profession Development listing
Results regarding English Tests like IELTS

Our Customers’ Reviews

  • Statistics clearly show that people got better results by availing our CDR Writing services as compared to those who haven’t. Our 98.7% customer satisfaction rate is undoubtedly the most prominent evidence in itself.
    Bob (Sydney ) Rating
  • I had to prepare a CDR when my graduation got over, but the guidelines made it pretty difficult for me to solve it. Complete My Assignment came as savior and provided me with valuable assistance.
    Brandon (Melbourne) Rating
  • Commendable job! The specifications they incorporated into my career episodes made my CDR flawless. I recommend this website to everybody.
    Alan (Adelaide ) Rating
  • I am currently working as a successful highly paid Engineer in Australia, and that is only because of CMA. I did not know how to prepare a CDR and CMA provide me quality in doing so.
    Doruntina (Brisbane ) Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report which is a document that authenticates that the engineers which have come from other parts of the world and wanted to pursue their career in Australia have the desired competencies, knowledge and skills to do excellent in their chosen streams.
CMA or Complete My Assignment can provide quality academic assistance in drafting a compelling CDR as every year more than 400000 students apply to study engineering in various Australian universities and many of them get rejected. We will help you in such a way that your CDR will be approved and your dream to pursue your career in engineering is accomplished.
All the streams of engineering are covered under Complete My Assignment namely, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Software Engineering, and IT Engineering.
Yes. These services are entirely affordable. We are committed to providing our CDR writing services to the budding engineers who want to make a mark in the Australian land by showcasing their talents in the field of engineering at very affordable prices. Our prices will not cause any burden upon your pockets.
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