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Case Study Assignments’ help the students in applying various theories and concepts which they have learned from their classes. A case study can be related to a person or organization involving a hypothetical or real-life situation. The case study also includes various layers of complexities and issues that one might encounter in his workplace.

At Complete My Assignment you get the best case study assignment essays to help at reasonable rates. The whole purpose behind case study assignment essays is to examine the method of applying the theory in real life or a hypothetical situation in a way that student can extract first-hand knowledge from that.


Case study writing services

Mostly it is seen that there are a lot of complications in writing a case study assignment. Students often complain about the difficulties they face while solving a case study assignment essay. For all those who are seeking help, Complete My Assignment will be your ultimate savior. Completemyassignment.com provides quality online case study help services to the students studying at various school, colleges and Universities and at multiple levels. Further, we offer these services at very affordable prices so that everybody can afford us. We also have several case study assignment samples at our website so that you can have a look and have an overview of our work.


Subjects related to the case study

Almost all of us may have read a case study while pursuing university studies. But not many students know how to write a case study assignment. Students are required to write a case study at some point during their degree course. Although the concept is familiar, the type of content is different for each discipline. At CMA there are professional case study writers to help students belonging to various fields.

Here are some fields related to case study assignments


The case studies related to management focuses on applying the knowledge of the subjects such as organizational behavior, Finance, marketing, etc.

Kinds of management case studies

1. Finance & Accounting

This is considered a part of the field of management. This field, in particular, is all about the assets, liabilities, and equities of a company. This field is considered one of the most important areas of a business and usually involves research and analysis into these topics:

Revenue and Expenses


Investment potential

Accounting statement

2. Organizational Behaviour

This too is a management topic and is often required as an assignment for management students. It assesses employee motivation. It is regarding the organizational culture of a company to understand the values and vision of a company with employees from various cultural backgrounds.

3. Human Resources

The entire workforce of the company is considered its human resource. This field of study includes topics like recruitment, payrolls, layoffs, and promotions which are a part of the research for the management students. There are several case studies on famous personalities like Bill Gates amongst others that are pertaining to the human resource case study.

4. Marketing

The marketing field is also one of the most critical areas of business (MBA) and helps in getting information about the business product for the masses. At CMA we offer all types of marketing related case study writing service to the students facing issues like personal problems, academic problems, medical issues, etc.

Marketing is usually about predicting the market trend of a product based on all the data in hand. In general, the student is expected to make use of quantifiable and non-quantifiable data to analyze the future potential. Many strategies can be implemented to generate the marketing case study.

This includes strategies like market survey, situational analysis, deciphering the research objective. A study helps to gather a lot of data that is relevant to a specific product. These surveys can be conducted online or via various other methods. The market analysis is one of the primary means to assess the success of a product. Several marketing tools allow one to conduct an accurate assessment like SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces, etc.


When we talk about the subject law, one can imagine that it involves two people, the first one filing the complaint and the second one who needs to be defended.

Kinds of legal case studies

1. Building and Construction law

Laws which take into account various legal aspects concerning a structural building are known collectively as building and construction laws. Different legal areas are involved in this discipline such as tendering matters, breach of contract, building issues like negligence, etc.

2. Environmental Law

Environmental Laws, also called Climate Laws focuses on rules and regulations, legal statutes, common and customary laws which are formulated to protect laws related to the environment. It is done to keep a check on global warming and the overall climate. These laws are designed to control pollution and protect natural resources.

3. Business Law

Business laws focus on disputes between various organizations, individuals and trade unions. The whole subject throws light on multiple affairs affecting trade and commerce in the industry.

4. Consumer Law

This whole law is designed for the purpose of protecting the user or consumer from exploitation. This law makes sure that unfair and predatory business practices do not harm the consumer. This requires compliance form those corporations which regulate consumer laws.

5. Contract Law

When a legal document is signed between two parties, it is known as contract law assignment. If the contract is violated then it is known as breach of contract and is regarded as a serious criminal offense in many countries.

6. Commercial Law

Commercial Laws deal with business laws in which issues related to business are dealt with, such as corporate finance, corporate governance etc.

7. Competitive Law

The purpose of Competitive Law is to maintain fair competition as well as pricing among business organizations within a particular industry. Competitive law includes 4 step process law whose application helps the business organization to articulate management policies.

There are a few simple guidelines to follow for a legal case study.

Provide a brief description of the case to start with.

There should be a topic to do with the facts of the case.

The main issue should be clearly specified.

A detailed description of the legal decision along with the justification.


About the Subject

In today’s scenario, nursing is seen as one of the fastest growing disciplines. At every year the demand for physicians and nurses is continuously booming. As a result, the need for nursing assignment writing experts has also increased. The writers at CMA are well versed when it comes to writing nursing assignments as they are well experienced in this discipline.

About the case study

Majorly in a nursing case study, we talk about a medical report concerning a particular disease. The process of the case study is as follows; it begins with a medical history, accompanied by the signs or symptoms and the clinical testing, then there comes the stage of diagnosis, and at last the medical treatment is undertaken.

Segments of a nursing case study Nursing assignments throw light upon the detailed description of the medical condition of a patient suffering from a particular syndrome. In short, it is patient’s medical history which consists of the following parts:-

Name of the patient

Medical history of the patient




Advice after discharge

Tips to write a good case study

Writing a perfect case study is a very tough job, and one can’t do it alone. Hence, here are a few tips which might help you in this task.

Identifying the subject

Identifying the subject early in the case study is essential. Place a section with a brief detail of the subject. A lot of research is involved in defining the subject of your case study, for example, product research, market research, researching fine law elements, an in-depth analysis of the financial market, etc. It works in your favor to make this section appealing to the reader.

Focus on the story

The focus should be on the main subject and the story. If there is a mention of the brands and companies involved, try to limit this to a bare minimum as it may take the focus of the main subject. The primary outcome is the story in most cases.

Ensure permission in case of third-party involved

If your topic includes details of a third party, it is necessary to take their consent in order to incorporate their story.

List the critical topics to query or research

Once you have decided on the subject of your case study, the next step is to gather information. The best way to collect information is to make a list of questions regarding the topic that you need to research.

Include facts

For any case study, the events mentioned will make a more significant impact. Irrespective of whether it is real and not hypothetical, citing the facts can help explain the point in a much better way.

State the problem or challenge clearly

It is based on a challenge or problem. Including a section describing the problem clearly will gain you extra points. Finally, summarizing the result (the conclusion requires special attention in this type of report).

Different categories of case studies

There are several categories of case studies, and each has a different purpose as described here:


This type is highly descriptive and includes a lot of examples to showcase the point.


This also includes illustrations to some extent, but at the same times lays the groundwork for an additional hypothesis.


As the name suggests, this type includes the finding of many different studies or cases and brings them together to present the case study.

Critical Instance

This examines a specific point of interest and serves as a critical test of the same.

Program Implementation

This deals with the investigation of the process and norms about an implementation process.

Program Effects

This is to do with the links between programs, their outcomes, and impacts.

What to put in your case study conclusions

A case study is not a simple task and can take a lot of time and effort. But you are at risk of losing all your sincere efforts if you do not include a well-written conclusion. One must conclude the case study with a well-written conclusion at the end. The conclusion is what will create that lasting impression on the readers. This end section must include information on the main and also provide and an overall summary. The conclusion of the case study provides closure to the topic. It has also psychologically been proven that the first and last sections of an article create the biggest impression.

This can include details on lessons learned, any reflections that you need to add and acknowledgments as well. It can also include the challenges faced in gathering the details or creating the report. We are experts at creating excellent case studies at CMA with affordable costs.

Brief History and use of Case Study

It is believed that Frederic Le Play introduced the technique of using case studies in 1829 for the field of social science. Other areas of study also began to adopt this form of a report like sociology, psychology, etc. following a good response. Since then it has also become a part of our education system with many universities across the globe including it in their curriculum. This is considered to be one of the most useful tools when it comes to teaching. Business schools and Law colleges are well known for making use of case studies in their regular coursework.

Benefits of taking assistance from CMA

CMA offers a case study assignment help for many different subjects, for example, History case study, Company law case study, etc. CMA understands the value of a case study and their benefits thus giving their students an extra edge.
The financial one provides detailed information about the financial situation of a company including the expense, profits, etc.
The marketing one offers a detailed report of the market share of the company.
The leadership one provides information on the leadership skills of the CEO.
The Nursing one provides a detailed description of a disease.
We have highly qualified and professional people working towards providing you case study help since not all students have the necessary insight to do it on their own.
Finding relevant information on the topic of interest.
Constructing such a report in the appropriate case study format so that it is well presented.
Inability to comprehend how and where to use the relevant information.
They also require a slightly different style of writing which not all students may realize.
There are over 500 expert writers at CMA to provide case study help.
The assignments we deliver have the correct case study format for students to ensure good grades.
We offer the best assignment help along with timely delivery.
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Following are some testimonials:

  • My college professor allotted me a case study on the company Kodak. It was a detailed case study with several layers attached to it such as the incorporation, reasons of the company failure, bankruptcy, etc. I had no idea from where to start as it was one of the toughest case study assignment essays I have ever seen. Thanks to complete my assignment that they provided me with the detailed case study of my topic for which I scored an A+ Grade.
    Joseph Patrick (Singapore) Rating
  • Case study writing assignments have always been a headache to me as I am a working too so unable to spare time for that. I contacted CMA and got my case study within 6 hours. Wow, what a service! Thanks a lot, completemyassignment.com.
    Shalu Duggal (Oman) Rating
  • Their services are amazing. I could easily focus on other things, and my case study assignment was being taken care of by the expert writers at complete my assignment. I got my entire case study paper much before the deadline. I got enough time to revise the document before the final submissions. Now I will recommend it to my friends also. Thank you, CMA.
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  • The prices they charge are quite reasonable. I mean I have tried other service providers also, but the quality and price CMA offers are just incomparable. Anyone can easily afford their services. Keep it up, guys!
    Steven Bishop (Australia) Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

A case study is a method of research, typically seen in social sciences and life sciences involving in-depth analysis of the subject of investigation including the subject’s related contextual conditions. A well-constructed case study can be produced by adopting a formal method of research.
CMA provides help in almost all types of case study assignments. Three major types of case study assignments are as follows: Management Case Study Legal Case Study Nursing Case Study
Well, that depends on the subject, its length, and your deadline. Generally, we complete a case study assignment in 4 to 5 hours, but if the subject is lengthy, then you can expect that a few more hours might get stretched. But we guarantee you that your assignment will get delivered to you much before your deadline.
‘Case study Assignments’ are all about applying various theories and concepts by the students which they have learned from their respective academic classes. A case study can be related to a person or organization involving a hypothetical or real-life situation. The case study also includes various layers of complexities and issues that one might encounter in his workplace. Complete My Assignment or CMA have experts who are master in solving all types of case study assignment essays and have delivered more than 5000 case study assignment to students studying at various parts of the world.
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