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Complete My Assignment or CMA is one such service provider who has been serving the education industry from the past so many years. It is one of those rare academic service providers which is committed to providing quality educational help and assistance to the students in solving their all types of academic papers. Also, the quality is of supreme quality. The hard-working team consisting of eminent writers, authors, academicians and professors, Complete MY Assignment – CMA has acquired the pinnacle of excellence by achieving a breathtaking record of more than 98.7% student’s satisfaction globally. Experts at CMA are capable of delivering all types of academic papers. At completemyassignment.com all kinds of academic services are provided namely, Assignment Writing, Dissertation Writing, Essay Writing, Case Studies, Programming assignments, thesis writing, homework help, coursework, CDR, research, Editing and proofreading, Plagiarism checking, referencing and many more. So next time you feel any hassle while solving your tricky assignments, you must know where your journey ends.

What are the common problems faced by students?

The entire life of a student is surrounded by lectures, tuitions, practical classes, tests, counselling, examinations, assignments, projects etc. The list goes on and on. The main chunk of this academic life of a student is sliced by projects allotted in his respective school, college or university. These projects are primarily for evaluating whether the student has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills in his discipline or not. The project in the form of a report acts as a reflection of the student’s understanding concerning the subject’s core principles and concepts. These projects should be done strictly according to the guidelines and rules specified by the college professor.

This is because the student's entire academic life is at stake and any negligence may lead to severe results including doomed academic grades. Therefore, one needs to have proper skills and knowledge to tackle these projects which are assigned now and then. Mere knowledge is not enough; consequently, a combination of both knowledge and skills is required to deliver flawless content. Sadly, the students lack in both these departments, and as a result, they often complain regarding their grades. But hey, don’t get disheartened as the dream of getting phenomenal grades is still possible. Gone are those days when the student often feels helpless and doesn’t have any means to seek help from someone as most of the college professors don’t entertain the students. Professors just complete their syllabus which is their job and don’t really take the pain to help the student in developing and shaping his career from scratch till the end.

Changing the dimensions

But now the things have changed, as a new concept called academic service providers has emerged which is like a savior to the entire student’s community. It is like a helping hand that provides all kinds of educational assistance to the students studying at various levels and in multiple schools, colleges and universities.

Following is the list of services we offer:


Students often get many assignments to complete during their college life. The assignments can be both technical and non-technical. Each assignment carries a decent amount of marks that have a substantial impact on the overall academic grades of the student. Several processes are involved in Assignment writing such as planning, research, reflection, evaluation and organization. It shows the point of view of the maker and demonstrates his learning. Further assignments can be of various types like statistics assignments, business assignments, Law assignments etc. and each of them demands a unique problem-solving approach. The writers at CMA are well versed in dealing with all types of academic assignments.


Traditionally essays are divided into two categories namely, formal essays and informal essays. As far as the definition is concerned, an essay is a piece of writing that provides the own argument of the author. The overall meaning of essay is vague which at times overlaps the definition of an article, a paper, a short story and a pamphlet. Essays are further subdivided into various types such as Persuasive, Argumentative, Analysis, Expository, narrative, Critical etc. Each type of essay requires a different approach to solve making it a tough job for the maker. Writers at complete my Assignment are capable enough to draft a perfect essay that matches with all the specified guiles and instructions.


A dissertation is considered the most important academic paper in every student’s life. It carries the most amount of marks that can make or break a student’s career. Dissertation or final year project is different from other module assessments. In dissertation writing the writer takes responsibility of his own learning for which he has produced his literature review by choosing a particular method for undertaking a study and finally writing the findings by discussing the outcomes in the discussion section. Also before a dissertation, a dissertation proposal has to be presented before the college professor for his or her approval. CMA has a vast pool of talented dissertation writers who are not only master in writing a well-drafted proposal but also are capable of writing a well-crafted dissertation.


Programming is a technical subject and hence demands an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Only an engineer in computer science and software is capable of drawing a perfect programming assignment. At Complete My Assignment we have writers who are engineers in computer science and software. As they are themselves, engineers, therefore they know every aspect of programming and hence can deliver the most suitable and well-written programming assignment. There are various programming languages like Java, C++, and Python etc. Every language is different so having the overall knowledge of the entire programming is necessary to deliver multiple assignments. Our writers at CMA are perfect in that. If you ever feel like ‘I want someone to write my programming assignment for me’ then CMA is the right place to solve all your queries.


There are various levels in which a student requires help concerning his homework. We at complete my assignment have tutors to solve homework at all levels. We have specialized experts at various levels. For example, we have categorized our levels in three categories which are, K6 to K8, K9 to K10 and K11 to K12. We have experts who have rich experience in solving homework assignments of level K6 to K8. Similarly, we have experts who deal with the homework related to the levels between K9 to K10. And lastly, we have specialized experts who are there to help the students studying at K11 to K12 as these are higher levels demanding an in-depth knowledge of the topic. There are many subjects for which a student requires help such as chemistry, biology, mathematics, sociology, geography, history etc. and we at CMA provide assistance in all departments.


Often a student is allotted case study writing assignments in which the student has to analyze and go through the entire case study of the given topic to draw his personal conclusion out of it. Generally, the case study is related to an industry or organization. To solve a case study, one must understand the entire topic, and sometimes it becomes tough because every topic has several layers. There are several questions below every case study which need to be answered, and marks are allotted depending upon the quality of answers. At CMA, we have specialized case study writers who have rich experience in solving all sorts of case studies. They have delivered more than 10,000 case studies, and every paper was a top notch.


A thesis is helpful in demonstrating the accuracy of an independent study’s conduct. It includes days and weeks of hard work which makes it hell tiring as it demands to organize data in vast quantities and putting it in the correct places. Solving a thesis for students is a very tough job as mostly the students are unable to portray a precise angle to the study, or they just couldn’t get the idea of how to properly draft a perfect thesis paper. Also many times the formatting and citations act as a big hurdle in the thesis making process. At CMA we have more than 500 experts, and most of them are PhD Degree holders. They have delivered thousands of thesis papers in the past and know all the aspects of an excellently written thesis paper.


Students are asked to write research papers in this system of contemporary education. But this task is considered very critical. The reason is that a research paper takes into account the appropriate methods and processes to make it a perfect document. Secondly, the information sources are categorized into two categories such as primary and secondary which at times proves to be a big headache for the student. The student is not able to gather authentic information. Also, it is very time-consuming. Therefore submitting the paper on time becomes next to impossible. You can contact us at completemyassignment.com and get help in writing your research paper. At CMA we have writers who are expert in providing customized research paper writing services.


The hardworking team of experts at complete my assignment is capable in providing all kinds of services related to coursework help. They are PhD in their respective disciplines. So if you ever feel like, ‘I want someone to write my coursework online for me’ then you can contact us at our official website and get your coursework done. The Internet has revived the entire education system, and drastic changes have occurred. Many students nowadays are seeking help regarding educational assistance online, and CMA is one such most popular platform. CMA assists with all types of coursework. So now no matter what the subject is, feel free to contact us and get answers of all your coursework related queries.



For every aspiring engineer who wants to work in Australia to pursue his career needs a competency demonstration report for immigration purposes. Every year lakhs of students all across the world choose Australia to continue their higher education, and the majority of them are from the various fields of engineering. Sadly, most of the aspiring engineers leave the Australian land due to the failure of presenting an impressive CDR to the organization which is involved in the process of hiring the engineers in Australia – ‘Engineers Australia’. Preparing a CDR is considered the most challenging job due to its complexity and various guidelines. CMA understands the sensitivity of this issue and extends a helping hand to the aspiring engineers whose dream job is to work in Australia.


Editing and proofreading are two sides of a coin. Both relate to each other and are equally essential to make any academic paper flawless. Editing involves the overall reviewing of the assignment and should be repeated until the article is 100% error free. Proofreading, on the other hand, is scrutinizing the text of the paper so that the grammatical mistakes and errors related to typing and spelling can be rectified. At complete my assignment we have two separate departments of both editing and proofreading. Each department is loaded with experts of editing and proofreading. They review your content from scratch till the end and eliminate all kinds of traces of mistakes or errors.

plagiarism checking

Often it is seen that most of an individual’s energies put in an assignment are wasted just because the paper contains the traces of plagiarism. It is because piracy can lead to the cutting of marks and even disqualification of the academic paper if the percentage is beyond a certain limit in some cases. That’s why it is like a blot on your work. Our writers and experts revise your paper multiple times before dropping it to your mailbox. The whole process makes your document completely genuine and crystal clear. Further, we have the latest plagiarism checking software like Turnitin which authenticate your paper and checks the traces of plagiarism. If found any, it is corrected, and the fresh content is uploaded immediately.


While a student writes an article or an essay he must cite the sources if he has drawn inspiration from the work of other people. But it is not as easy as it sounds as there are hundreds of styles that exist. There are multiple styles of referencing. Each country has its own unique referencing style. Also, every publishing house and University follows their own different set of rules and guidelines. As every writer at CMA has a rich academic background, therefore, they know about every referencing style that exists on this planet earth. They know about every referencing style and had made thousands of assignments in the past. Our experts will cite your paper so well that it will make your paper picture perfect.

Why you should choose 'Complete My Assignment'

There are multiple reasons to back the argument – why you should choose CMA

Best Price

We charge a price that is quite nominal and suits everybody. You get the best-quoted price for your work. You can compare it with the amount charged by other service providers, and if they charge the same rate for the same content, then we will beat the price.

Supreme Quality

Our professional academic consultants are serving the entire students’ community with sheer passion and enthusiasm. At CMA you get quality assistance from the right kind of people. Therefore, it a guarantee of supreme quality work every single time.

24*7 Live Help

The customer care executive team is available throughout the day to address all sorts of queries of students. They are working day and knight, and you will get an instant reply as soon as you post your question on our website www.completemyassignment.com.

0% Plagiarism

Our experts write your paper from scratch and collect all the information from the genuine sources making it completely original. It also goes through multiple revisions both manually and by latest plagiarism checking software like Turnitin.

Time Delivery

Late submissions often lead to the cutting of marks and degrading the grades. We completely understand the importance of time. Therefore, we make sure that your paper is delivered to your mailbox much before your college deadline.

Money Back Guarantee

Sometimes it happens that in spite of putting all efforts the customer is still not fully satisfied with the product. Well, we are humans, and it happens. So in case you have doubts in your head, you will get all your money back as we are happy to refund.

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