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Tourism Dissertation Topics

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Attractive tourism dissertation topics from the expert writers

It can be highly challenging for the final year post graduate or undergraduate students to find attractive hospitality and tourism dissertation topics.

To find some good tourism dissertation topics, students at first place should know and analyze their question and also; they should have a clear idea about the available resources and tools related to their discipline also the ability to carry out the research.

The students can choose their tourism dissertation topics from current issues about a particular subject. The travel and tourism topics can cover subjects like Dark Tourism, Ecotourism, Domestic Tourism, and Inbound and Outbound tourism.


Eco-tourism dissertation topics

Ecotourism became a travel concept in the late 1980s when there was an increase in environmental awareness globally, and people showed a high interest in visiting natural locations instead of the man-made ones.

Ecotourism can be defined as travel to some undisturbed locations where the tourist gets to learn about the area, physical landscape, cultural heritage, and characteristics of that place. In simple words, ecotourism primarily focuses on how can the tourists travel harmoniously to such destinations.

Some of the best Eco-tourism research paper topics

  • Factors affecting ecotourism in 2019
  • Examining the benefits of marketing communication to eco-tourism.
  • The growing trend of eco-tourism.
  • How has ecotourism affected consumer buying behavior globally

These are some of the best tourism research topic ideas. 

Dark tourism dissertation topics.

Dark tourism is also referred to as black tourism or grief tourism. Dark tourism involves visiting those destinations that are associated with death, suffering, and atrocities such as castles and battlefields like Culloden in Scotland, nuclear zones, and genocide memorials.

Dark Tourism Thesis Topics

  • Does visiting a site of death and suffering commercially and socially benefit local communities?
  • Perception of British Customers towards man-made dark tourism sites.
  • How to use marketing communications tools to promote infamous dark tourism sites in the UK?
  • Dark tourism factors effect on consumer buying in the UK.
  • Can dark tourism be used as an academic tool to develop positive emotions in tourists?
  • Understanding the inspiration and impulse of dark tourism.

These are some of the best dark tourism dissertation topics.

Hospitality dissertation topics

All the jobs that directly deal with tourists like jobs at hotels, resorts, restaurants, catering, and casinos are technically referred to as hospitality jobs. Hospitality is all about the relationship of a hotel with its guests. 

Following topics can make for some good hospitality tourism dissertation topics.

  • Why do consumers choose leisure hotels when they travel overseas?
  • Does the brand of business hotels matter?
  • Expectations of budget hotels.
  • How can small catering firms utilize integrated marketing communication to create brand recognition?
  • Perception of British customers towards Thai Food
  • Do cultural differences between the British and the French customers influence buying decisions for leisure hotels?
  • Factors affecting restaurant selections on a Friday or Saturday Night.
  • With more and more people traveling solo, what steps has the hospitality industry taken to accommodate and attract more customers.

Tourism management dissertation topics

Tourism management deals with the generalized management along with specialized and practical skills and competencies required for efficient and effective results for recreational and leisure travel. As we know, tourism is the fastest growing industry and has some direct and indirect implications on social, economic, and political indicators.

Some tourism management dissertation topics

  • Development of decision-making framework of British tourists in selecting tourist destinations during the summer holidays.
  • Perception of millennials towards cruise holidays.
  • Use of some sporting events to develop tourism branding.
  • Evaluation of summer festivals in the United Kingdom as a source of domestic tourism development.

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