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Financial Statement Analysis Assignment Writing by Australia and USA Experts

Financial Statement Analysis is a technique to review the financial statements to give an opinion to the users of financial statements of whether the company’s position is according to the industry’s norms or not. Users of financial statements can make sound economic decisions based on financial statement analysis.

Financial Statement Analysis Assignment Help is considered one of the most challenging tasks in assignment writing. This is due to the fact that it involves various data and complex figures. Students often get stuck while interpreting the work specified.

By financial Statements, we mean the end results of the accounting transactions of any organization. These consist of:

  1. Trading and profit and loss account
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Cash Flow Statement
  4. Notes adhering to financial statements

An organization’s owners and investors pay utmost attention to the company’s financial statements. The financial statements give detailed information regarding the financial and operational performance of the company. There are four methods used for performing financial statement analysis, and these are financial ratio analysis, trend analysis, horizontal analysis, vertical analysis.

Users to Financial Statements

A company prepares the financial statement for the purpose of its users. The users are those people who have some interest directly and indirectly in the financial health of the company. That’s why they take a keen interest in the financial statements. The users to financial statements are classified into two categories namely:

Internal Users

Internal users are those who work within the organization. They are members or other individuals of the management of a company who make use of the financial information to run and manage the business. Internal users have a direct relation towards the organization. Financial statements have massive relevance to them as they want to know the profitability of the company to run in the long term. They want to know whether their future is secured within the organization or not. Some examples of internal users of an organization are employees, directors, shareholders, etc.

External Users

External users are those who have an indirect interest in the profits or in the profitability of the firm. In other words, these are those individuals or entities who don’t participate in managing or running the business but are interested in the financial information of the company or organization. Unlike internal users, external users don’t make business decisions but they influence on a large extent. Some examples of external users are namely, Government authorities, Potential investors, Tax authorities, banks, etc.

Goals and Objectives of Financial Statement Analysis

  1. Helps in preparing financial statements for the purpose of analyzing and interpreting the data.
  2. Ratio analysis for various shareholders, debtors, and creditors for knowing the financial soundness of the company.
  3. For the purpose of reviewing the financial statement.
  4. For studying the liquidity position of an organization.
  5. To study the long term solvency and profitability of the company.
  6. For analyzing the cash flow statement of a company.
  7. For making the trend analysis for growth prospects.

Purpose of Financial Statement Analysis

The purpose of financial statement analysis is investment analysis by making use of the financial position and profitability along with the financing, investing and operating activities of a company. Various persons and entities make use of financial statements like shareholders, employees, executives, investors, banks, vendors, Govt. bodies, lenders, etc. They use this for the purpose of analyzing a company.

Methods of Financial Statement Analysis

Trend Analysis

Trend analysis is a technique to compare the performance of the business of the current period with the past period. The process is based on evaluation and estimation and hence can never provide exact results. For example, a company’s sales are increasing at 6% year after year, so according to trend analysis, next year sales would also affect in the same manner. Financial ratio analysis can also be used for trend analysis.

Vertical Analysis

Vertical Analysis is a technique to compare the financial statements of two businesses of the same line of operations. The technique of vertical analysis discusses financial statement analysis which is performed by using common size financial statements. The purpose of a common size financial statement is to show each item of a financial statement in percentage form by forming a comparison with another line of the item.

Horizontal Analysis

Horizontal Analysis is done by making a comparison between current year financial statements of an organization with the previous year’s financial statement. The management can formulate a comparison of the same period with several years for determining an increase or decrease in assets, liabilities, incomes, and expenses.

Financial Ration Analysis

Financial Ratio Analysis is performed to make the management aware regarding the operational, liquidity, and the company’s financial condition. This analysis is performed by making use of the financial information present in various financial statements. Some of the examples of financial ratio analysis are financial ratios, liquidity ratios, debt-equity ratios, financial leverage ratios, etc.

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