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Criminology Assignment Help For USA & UK Students

In criminology, we study about crimes and the behavioral patterns of criminals. It analyzes the behavior of criminals and explains why they commit antisocial activities. Complete My Assignment or CMA has a vast pool of professional writers and criminologists for helping those students who are struggling with their criminology assignments. It’s certainly not an easy task to write assignments on criminology and due to this students are unable to complete this task on their own. As a result, they contact our experts at Complete My Assignment (CMA) to get their assignments done right on time and with supreme quality.

Various Aspects Concerning Criminology

Criminology primarily is a branch of sociology. Over the centuries, many eminent psychologists and sociologists have studied and applied this particular discipline. Criminology is an interdisciplinary subject involving various layers of other topics such as sociology, psychology, Law, Biology, Genetics, etc. As mentioned earlier, criminology is a study of crimes, and various aspects related to crime are taken into account. All the related matters that change people into criminals, for example, potential causes, psychological conditions are studied under criminology. The subject also investigates the reasons referred to family and society that induce a person to undertake illegal activities.

To have an in-depth understanding of the subject, students also must learn about the history and modern trends of criminology.


Locations where crime usually take place

Frequency of crimes

Potential causes of crimes

Classification of crimes depending upon nature

The individual and social significance of crimes

Individual and social reactions to crime

Role of Government in controlling crime

Government reactions to crime

Criminologists study broader aspects of crime and they help the authorities and social organizations for getting into essential matters with the sole purpose of eliminating crime from the society. Most developed countries have a trend in which criminologists help police in understanding the actual reason behind the growing rate of crimes and to figure out ways to eradicate the same.

Various school of thoughts and theories are related to this subject, and they are:

Classical School

It is also known as the old school introduced by Cesare Beccaria, the famous Italian attorney. It has for basic ideas –

Every individual is free to make his personal choice to reject some options and act is some ways.

Punishment can lessen the crime rate.

It is commonly assumed that people will reject hard activities and seek pleasure.

The certainty or swiftness of punishment in a country can minimize the rate of the crime rate.

Positive School

It studies that crime does not depend merely upon pleasure and pain concept. There are many other factors such as, society, Genetics, Economic Condition, and Psychological Factors that add fuel to provoke a person to commit some crime.

Chicago School

Chicago School applies the evolution theory to criminology. It throws light upon the fact that every individual adapts according to his or her environment. It draws attention to the fact that poverty is the major reason why crimes take place. The reason for breaking a well-built social structure is poverty.

Careers in Criminology

Various sectors are providing job opportunities to criminologists. Getting a degree in criminology opens up the job opportunities in academic areas. Also, government agencies also give an ample number of career opportunities to criminologists. Criminology is a challenging field, and that’s why it is both fascinating and rewarding.

Criminology Assignment Writing Help

From the above discussion, we can conclude that criminology writing assignment is a difficult task. Criminology assignment writing includes accumulating large data, past cases, historical aspects, long term effects, legal consequences, and many other matters while drafting these assignments. Hence, getting expert help with criminology assignment writing from experienced criminology assignment writing experts from Complete My Assignment (CMA) is a good idea to boost your grades. These assignment writing experts are well experienced and skillful to draft any assignment on criminology to fetch you maximum grades.

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