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Want to get Computer Network Assignment Help to release your academic pressure?

Computer Network is defined as a set of a computer system and other computer related hardware devices interconnected for the objective of sharing resources. The identification of networks is based purely on their characteristics. Getting professional computer network assignment help is the superlative way to improve your academic grades.

In order to write a technical article on computer networking, one needs to implement many technical facts in his/her writing. But how one can get hold of useful information? The answer to this is computer network assignment help offered by Complete My Assignment.


Functions performed by Computer Networks

Computer Network is used for linking the various computer users within the set parameters. Completemyassignment.com has computer network assignment help tutors can highlight that the chief functions of various computer networks are to share, store, update and classify data. Computers are generally linked for creating a network via cables and electronic devices like modems. The purpose of these networks are for:

• Facilitating communication via video conferencing, email, messaging, etc.

• Enabling file sharing across the network

• Allowing different users to share a single hardware device like a scanner or printer

• Making the information easier for accessing and maintaining among network users

• Allowing sharing of operating programs or software on remote systems

Complete My Assignment has a vast pool of qualified computer network assignment experts who are ready to provide computer network assignment help the minute you want it. At CMA you get top class computer network assignment help at affordable prices.

Why students require Computer Network Assignment Help?

Students get a lot of academic assignments these days from their college professors. The students get overburdened due to the excessive workload they face in terms of written assignments they have to do to acquire their college degrees. The students have to manage a lot of things along with their studies like tests, examinations, practical classes, lectures, etc. Also, many students work along with their studies to earn some extra income.

We totally understand all these aspects, and therefore our assignment writing help online can prove really fruitful in such a situation. You can delegate your assignment writing task to us and release yourself from the extra pressure so that you can focus on other important stuff. Hence, students who want to score top grades can avail useful and quick computer network assignment help from us.

Types of Computer Network

Following is the list of most common types of computer networks:

1. WAN – Wide Area Network

WAN is a type of computer network that covers a vast area spread across provinces and counties. This type of system is utilized in the telecommunication sector. WAN network is of extremely high speed. In order to get services from this network, users have to spend a huge amount of money.

2. LAN – Local Area Network

Local Area Network or LAN is a network system which is installed in a building and operated under a single administrative system. This type of network is generally used in offices, schools, colleges, and universities, etc.

3. Internet

The Internet is used mostly in recent public, private, government and academic networks connected and guided by fiber optic and wireless technologies. As per our computer network assignment help experts, the internet is highlighted as a network of global exchange connected by system network that uses TCP/IP for data transmission.

4. MAN – Metropolitan Area Network

Metropolitan Area Network equips the whole city such as cable TV Network. This network can be used in multiple forms such as Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, or Token Ring. As per the coverage area, more area is covered by MAN as compared to LAN, but it covers a smaller area than WAN.

5. WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network

WLAN Network is quite similar to LAN, but wires are not required for connection. Some ideal examples of WLAN are radio and infrared signals. This wireless network gives its users the range of effectiveness to move around without losing the connection.

6. CAN – Campus Area Network

CAN Network is used to connect many small LAN Networks. This network allows easy file sharing between various departments within the organization as all the files are usually shared on the server machine.

7. SAN – Storage Area Network

SAN Network is used as an informative database mostly. Similar entities like organizations do not often use this network. The websites that offer downloading services operate on this network.

8. PAN – Personal Area Network

The use of PAN Network is to communicate between more than one or two computer systems and computer devices including telephone. The range of this network is within a few meters in the room. When a person works on his laptop with a printer connected which is also connected through the smartphone of the user, it can be termed as a simple form of PAN.

9. SAN – System Area Network

High-performance computers are linked through this network with connections having high speed in a cluster configuration. This network is also called as Cluster Area Network. The capability of this network is as such that it can deliver up to 1 Gbps bandwidth with very low latency.

Pros and Cons of Computer Networking

Computer Networking has become a very significant tool in overall computing. This allows the user to form a connection globally as if they were in the same room. The computer network assignment whelp experts at CMA evaluate the negative elements too in terms of risks, issues, workplace distractions, etc.


As per our computer network assignment help experts, the cost is considered as one of the major disadvantages of the network. Setting a network or business purposes will cost you thousands of dollars in its installation. Our experts suggest that even in small businesses, simple network equipment like routers and modem can cost big.

Communication and Information

Internet connectivity has enabled the user to communicate in ways that were not possible before. Now that the technology has developed, things have become possible. For example, instant messaging has enabled the user to send messages and exchange files within seconds. This feature is a boon to business users as the internet has become the pool of vast information.

Policing Usage

Undesirable behavior is also encouraged due to internet connectivity. But on the other hand, it also assists government bodies to detect any kind of suspicious behavior from any particular source. You can avail our customized computer network assignment help to know more about the subject.

Resource Sharing

Resource sharing is very critical and demands computer network assignment help in order to understand it in a better way. This platform enables the users to share both software and hardware resources through a network which is well designed. It facilitates workplace collaboration by increasing efficiency. Earlier the data was shared commonly by copying it to removable media and carrying it to some physical location. Today sharing information has become quite easy.

Common Network Devices

Network devices are known as fundamental networking units that carry the data through the computer network. Our computer network assignment help writers can help you out in understanding the following network devices:

• Hub

• Repeater

• Modem

• NIC – Network Infrared Card

• Media Converters

• Basic Switch

• Basic Router

• Basic Firewall

• Basic DHCP Server – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Computer Network Assignment help professionals at Completemyassignment.com

Complete My Assignment has a robust team of talented computer network assignment help experts having specialization in writing quality driven academic assignments of all types including Computer Networking Assignments. Experts are available for you at all hours of the day so you can feel free to contact them anytime you want. You can see various free samples available on our website on computer networking so that you get an idea of the quality you can get at CMA.

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