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Capital Budgeting Assignment Help by Expert Writers

Capital Budgeting is the process of planning of resources which are used by organizations to determine their long term investment plans. These replacement plans can be investing in some new product, buying new machinery or replacing a piece of old machinery or equipment. Capital budgeting helps the organization in evaluating the worth of investments.

Capital Budgeting Assignments studies the allocation and investment of resources concerning expenditure and investment along with their potential impact on the organization. The main focus of capital budgeting is to maximize the value of a company and to its shareholder’s investment.

Tools and Techniques used for creating Capital Budgeting Assignment

Various techniques can be used for performing capital budgeting. Few of those techniques are given below which can be useful for your assignment writing:

  1. NPV – Net Present Value

    Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) consider cash flows and the time value of money. The value calculated by NPV is regarded as the most accurate. If you want to learn more regarding your finance assignment or accounting assignment, then feel free to talk to our online assignment experts.

  2. Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

    A rate of return in finance, especially in corporate finance, symbolizes the rate of profit on a project. IRR is the discounted rate used in capital budgeting decision that makes the present value of all cash flows of a project Equal to zero. In simple words, IRR is the rate where the project’s investment reaches a breakeven point.

  3. Equivalent Annuity Method

    This method is used for assessing the project’s cost that has the same cash inflows. Which means that two projects having individual lifespans cannot be compared based on the Net Present Value. Therefore, Equivalent Annuity Method (EAM) is the method which is more accepted.

  4. Ranked Projects

    The project which has a high profitability index and has crossed the initial hurdles is considered to be ranked project. There can be many such projects running as ranked projects within an organization. Therefore, this technique is adopted widely for ranking projects by the profitability index.

  5. Funding Sources

    If there is any excess cash which is raised by equity capital or debt should be used for the project continuity. Also, the money which is retained by the business or organization can also be used a source in a project as an investment.

The need for capital budgeting paper writing

Huge Monetary Investments

Projects need investment and making the right decisions for fetching long term returns. A lot of money is required for completing a project. Therefore, capital budgeting techniques are essential in such a case.

Reducing Sunk cost

To accomplish bigger projects, avoiding sunk cost is a difficult task. However, with the help of capital budgeting, we can reduce the sunk cost by non-making of long term non-planned capital investments. Long term is irreversible; therefore organizations need to make informed decisions.

Long term investment impacts

Investments which are long term are of great importance to an organization. They prove to be a significant impact on the company’s liquidity and cash flows. These decisions must be taken very carefully because a wrong long term investment decision can severely damage the entire firm.

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