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Behavioral Finance is a new field which helps in bringing finance and psychology on one single program. It combines cognitive and behavioral psychological theory with finance and economics. This process facilitates the explanation of the irrational financial decisions made by multiple institutions and individuals.If you get stuck, feel free to contact us and multiply your grades with our online assignment writers at Complete My Assignment.

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Primary Concepts of Behavioral Finance

  1. Anomalies in Behavioral Finance

    Few anomalies regular occur in conventional economics. It is formulated on the basis of behavioral finance. Some of the popular anomalies are namely January effect, Equity Premium Puzzle, and the Winners Curse.

  2. Anchoring

    It is attaching our thoughts to a reference point that might not be effective in making a decision. This particular concept is slightly confusing, but it is very interesting at the same time. You can contact completemyassignment.com in order to learn more about concepts related to anchoring and more.

  3. Mental Accounting

    It is basically people’s tendency to create separate accounts subjective to money usage. According to every source of money, there is a separate account. Due to these reasons, this is termed as Mental Accounting.

  4. Confirmation and Hindsight Bias

    One should understand this handy concept before taking up any behavioral finance assignment. The common perception is that what we see we believe. Our belief is affected by confirmation and hindsight. Indeed this topic is interesting to read and study in behavioral finance.

  5. Over Confidence

    This concept states that investing overconfidence can be damaging to the stock. It is according to the concept of overconfidence where the individual can make decisions made on wrong assumptions due to overconfidence.

    Apart from all these concepts, there are other concepts too in behavioral finance. These concepts are namely, overreaction, Prospect theory, availability bias, etc. These concepts must be understood deeply in order to draft a flawless behavioral Finance Assignment.

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