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Unit 29 Health Promotion Assignment Answers


This assignment is based on the case study, which is about a youth project namely EXCEL. The main aim of excel is to offer services and support to young people of the age group of 15 to 25 years.

The project encourages young people to live independently and do excel in their life and help them to overcome from the deprived sections of society.

The youth of society gets information on vivid topics such as pregnancy, alcohol and mental health, etc.

This assignment is compact with 4 tasks.

Task 1 is focused on socio-economic influence such as employment, housing, income, etc.

Task 2 is focused on various models of health promotions. It will also discuss the staff’s role in promoting a healthy lifestyle, quitting tobacco and stop all kinds of addictions.

Task 3 gives you information about all the factors that influence health promotion.

In Task 4 you will learn to develop a health campaign. Comprehensively all these tasks will make you learn the importance of health promotions and health campaigns which are organized in various events.

Along with all, I have also discussed a Case Study in this assignment and the contribution of Graham who helps in making these health events a great success for the community.  

Task 1

1.1. The project Excel provides various services to youth who are living in backward areas. Explain the socio-economic effects of the project Excel on youth’s employment, housing, income, and education.

Project Excel highly influenced the socio-economic condition of a person on the health of the community & individual.

Excel make aware every individual with the importance of employment. An unemployed person is unable to take proper care of his health and fitness. One cannot even buy sufficient medicines and can’t even see the doctors.

On the other hand, a person who is educated can leverage from numerous sections of the society such as health, fitness, etc. Such a person can even concern doctors and take medicine wisely.

In the earlier times, people from deprived location couldn’t take the benefits of the health campaigns so there was a huge unawareness among the people for their health and related issues.

Health and safety campaigns which are organized for the people can be very beneficial if one understand their benefits.

Following are mentioned the socio-economic factors that determine the health and safety of every individual:

Employment – Employed and educated people are always conscious about their health and take all the health & safety campaign seriously. On the other hand, unemployed people do not take their health matters seriously due to lack of resources.

Education - Education is always imperative when it comes to health care. An educated person always understand, support and promote health promotional activities.

Housing – A clean house is the source of a long and healthy life. It is seen that people who have their own houses tend to be cleaner than those who live on rent.

Income – Income is crucial in defining the health habits of people. People with high-income group tend to be more careful towards their health than low-income group. One can avail income of a household according to the level of the income.

1.2. How Government sources are relevant in reporting on inequalities in health, in relation to Graham’s EXCEL project. You can choose at least 3 information sources to report inequalities.

The role of government is very important in assessing the level of health activities among people in every country. (Prochaska And Velicer, 1997).

It is the duty of the government and its representatives to understand the need of the community and organize the right health campaign for them.

Following are the major sources through which data related to health inequalities can be collected:

Community health research foundations and agencies- These agencies and foundations do public research work for the government. These agencies keep comparing data to analyze various aspects of health and safety of the public.

Public health and administration department under government – These departments are specially formed by the government to conduct surveys, and questionnaire for the people. 

Public hospitals and medical services –

The government hospitals and medical services are one of the best sources to collect information about health and safety data of the community. You can get proper data of the individual here.

Individual inquiry surveys/health and lifestyle survey –

These are the best surveys to understand the lifestyle of every individual. Such surveys give lots of information which can be useful for you.

1.3. List down the factors that affect accessing of information along with the reasons for barriers to access healthcare information in relation to the project Excel

Following are the major factors:

Family Factor: It tells us about the help which a healthcare foundation or a government organization gets from the family of an individual.

Surrounding Factor: Surrounding factors such as level of hygiene and safety helps health factors in determining the correct data of an individual.

Social Factors: It indicated to all the factors which determine how a person build a relationship with society.

Demographic Factors: All the elements like age, gender, location, etc. of a person that determines one’s demographic come under this unit.

Health Care Support: It tells us about all the factors from health care foundations and systems that work for the health-related problem. 

Technological Factors: The factor tells us about technological advancements such as internet access, access to the online report and online connectivity. These factors also state how some people are still cannot access these technological advancements.

Two major barriers that create hindrance in accessing these technologies are:

  1. A.  Low technological development: If in some areas, technology grows at a slow pace, then it will definitely affect the tracking of health record which will obstruct the availability of data.
  2. Technological Unawareness: Even the unawareness of technological advancement leads to delivery of wrong information among people. Thus, people cannot get leveraged by the correct information.
  3. Uneven distribution of resources in the population is another major reason.

All the above-mentioned factors and the health promotion barriers have given us a new way to move ahead with specific objectives to determine the promotion of the Excel program and its health promotion.

Task 2

With the help of a case study, discuss all the models of health promotion. Analyze the links between various government strategies and models of health promotion.

There are various factors which help in choosing a perfect health promotion model. These factors are like demography of the community, people, technological development, & behavioral outcomes, to name a few.

In this case study, we will first understand the health promotion model and its requirement to identify all the health and illness related issues exist among the people.

The main aim of the health promotion model is to make people aware of the importance of health and to induce them to promote the hygienic culture within the community.

The case study is about catering to numerous health benefits and programs to the community. Following are mentioned the models:

Health and Education Model: This model states about numerous health-related programs which are organized for the community how to analyze how these various programs are linked with various educational programs and the level & kind of education among the people.

Education plays a vital role in the success of such health programs. The more the people are educative, the better are the chances of their involvement in the success of health models.

Medical Model: Evident to its name, this model is focused on the medical opportunities offer to every individual. These opportunities are customized according to various individuals.

These programs and medical models work according to the medical priorities set by the professional to execute the growth and promotion of the Excel project.

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