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Tips for Writing a Perfect Personal Statement for University

Tips for Writing a  Perfect Personal Statement for University

How to start a personal statement?

Well, before we teach you how to write a perfect personal statement for college, we’d first like you to understand the concept of Personal Statement.

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What is a personal statement?

The Personal Statement is an essential part of the UK’s university application. It is the best chance given to you to showcase your unique talents, besides your UCAS ID and birth name. You are expected to persuade your chosen academic institution that why are you a perfect applicant, and why do you deserve an offer immediately in around 4000 characters. The 4000 characters are the only chance that can get you admitted in your dream university; therefore, your Personal Statement should be real effective.

Here are a few tips on how to start a personal statement?

Personal Statement Format.

Sketch a Draft Without a Character Counter

Although, it is essential that a personal statement should be of 4000 characters, but if you’re finding it challenging to stick with the character limit, then you can always continue writing by turning off the characters.

Once you are done inserting all your ideas and if it crosses the character limit, then you can always edit the characters in the end and prepare the final write-up marinating the original character limit.

Take your Time.

Well, if you think that you can prepare a useful write-up within a couple of hours or days then you incredibly wrong. Developing a perfect Personal Statement is not a piece of cake, and it is highly advisable that you take a sufficient amount of time while you’re preparing it.

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Find the Perfect Words and Expressions

Well, don’t you think that accomplish sounds way more elegant than complete or do? To replace simple words with some attractive ones, you always can take the help of google translator and replace your simple words and expressions with some catchy ones. 
But always take care of one essential thing that while you are on your way to replacing the vocabulary, make sure you use some beautiful words and keep yourself away from the stylish one, you need to make your work look impressive, not stylish.

Find the Perfect Opening Sentence

To throw an impression on your reader, you can always try to start your write-up with something funny, unusual, surprising, or interesting, but do not indulge something that is pretty much useless. The perfect opening sentence would just hit you in a very random moment when you would have worked hours and hours on your Personal Statement already. 
P.S. It is highly advisable just to wait and not overthink.

Be Honest

Never create a false image, only infuse the true information in your write-up, indulging some false things won’t take you anywhere and always remember truth will always be revealed be it sooner or later. 
So, if you write that you are good in French while you just know one line of it then it's of no good, if you’re good, you are good the way you are.

Get Someone to Proofread your Statement

Always have a great team of proofreaders be it your parents, friends, siblings or anyone else, the more people you would show your write-up to, the more feedback you’ll receive and the better will be your final version of the write-up.

You can always go through all the advice and decide which one is of use and can infuse it in your work to make your write-up look better.

To sum it up, an ecstatic Personal Statement comprises of your real experiences; you should always use your voice because that’s who you are, and the universities are interested in knowing who you are, and not on the ideal text of a Personal Statement Writing.

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