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Harvard Referencing

What is Harvard Referencing?

Students in UK and across the globe who are pursuing their professional or masters’ degree, often need to submit a dissertation ton culminate their semester with high grades.

In the process of dissertation and assignment style writing, students have to take care of various set of rules that would help them to build a professional and up-to-the-mark dissertation paper.

One among many sets of rules is the referencing style.

Do you know why referencing is important?

Maybe some of you are aware, but those who do not know the importance of referencing, we should tell you that with proper referencing you could avoid the accusation of plagiarism.

To simply put, to acknowledge someone else’s ideas and research and giving them proper credit in your research paper is called referencing.

There is nothing wrong in including others ‘research work and ideas in your dissertation to prove your point. But if you give them their due credit, it won’t harm you and your academic grades.

Students often overlook this element of the dissertation as they are not aware of its importance. Therefore, we thought to bring you this post where would discuss one of the most important referencing styles, and it is Harvard referencing style.

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What is Harvard referencing style?

In the world of academic writing, there are numerous referencing styles, namely MLA, APA, Chicago, Vancouver, and many others.

Among all these referencing styles, there is one style which is most commonly used in UK is the Harvard referencing. This referencing style is used especially with the marketing qualifications.

The most common forms of academic referencing, used by UK universities the Harvard referencing is also known as parenthetical referencing. It means, that the citations are given in the main text body instead of the footnotes.

Learn the Havard style of academic citation

With the help of this Harvard referencing guide, you would be able to understand this style of citation. Let’s move ahead and discuss further.

Two types of referencing with Harvard

In-text citation – It is used when you directly quote or paraphrase a source. It is located in the main text body and contains only an important part of the main reference.
Reference list – It is placed in the footnote and display entire citation source used in the dissertation.

1. General and basic Havard referencing and assignment writing list

The general list of Harvard referencing includes information such as date of publication, name of the author, title of the source, etc.
The must include an element of a Harvard reference list is:

  • The reference sheet should be added at the end of an assignment.
  • Should be arranged alphabetically by the name of the author.
  • There should be a double space in between the lines.
  • Contain full references that are used in in-text references.

2. In-text Harvard referencing style

In-text references are much shorter than the original references and it contains authors’ surname, publication year and the page number.
Example: Mitchel (author’s surname) (2019, p.129). here p is referred to a single page and pp referred to a range of pages.

  • In-text referencing are of the following types:
  • In-text referencing with two or three authors: Mitchell, Thomson, Smith (2019, p. 129).
  • In-text referencing with four or more authors: Mitchell et al (2019, p.129) states
  • In-text referencing without author: Use either organization’s name or the title of the assignment in italics: (What is Harvard citation, 2019, pp. 129-145)

3. Multiple works by the same author in the same year

In such a situation, we can assign a letter after the year of publication. The referencing is done alphabetically. For example: Mitchell, 2019a, p. 129).

4. In case of Multiple Works in one parentheses

In this situation, reference is made in a normal manner, the only difference in this is the use of semicolons between different references.
For example Mitchell, 2019, p. 129; Simon, 200; Smith, 1990, pp. 130-141)

5. In case of citing different editions of the same work

Here you can include the first name of the author. The name will be followed by different dates separated by semicolons:
For example: Mitchell (2003; 2019) states

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6. Citation in absence of the date:

Just mention “No Date” in place of the year. For example: Mitchell, no date, p. 129.

7. Citation of secondary source:

In this case first mention the first reference that you used followed by “cited in” and then mention the original author, For example: Mitchell 2000 (cited in Smith, 1998, p. 129).

8. Citation of a book in Harvard Format:

It includes the author’s name, year published, title, edition, place where it published and the publisher. For Example: Rowling, J.K. (1998) What is Harvard referencing. 4th edition. London: England Publishing.

9. Citation of an Edited book in Harvard format

A book with different chapters, written by different authors is called edited book. Check out its citation style in this Harvard referencing guide. The citation format is editor surname, initial. (eds) (Year Published). Title. Edition. Place of publication: Name of publishers
For example: Rowling, J.K.(eds) (1998) referencing with Harvard. San Francisco: The Publisher.

10. Citation of the journal article in Harvard format

Referencing and assignment writing of journal article in Harvard format is as follows: Author Names (Year) title, volume, page number.
For Example: Mitchell, J.K, ‘How to write a citation in Harvard style’, Mendeley, 54(9), p.56-65.

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