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What are The Benefits of Studying in Australia?

What are The Benefits of Studying in Australia?

Advantages of studying in Australia

Australia is a unique country with its peculiarities that fascinate many people. It goes not only about nature, mentality and traditions but also about governmental structures, educational system and much more.

What do you know about studying in Australia? The system of education here is typical for most developed countries if it goes about structure. The principle of organizing an educational course depends on the state or territory. In each of them, the government gives funding and manages public and private schools. Australian universities are supported at the federal level. Primary and secondary education in Australia is obligatory. The duration of the educational course is 12 years.

Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? If you are not Australian, why to study there if it’s all the same as everywhere in the world? There are some attractive benefits, though, that may arise your interest.

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Multinational Environment

Being alone should be the last thing to worry about when you come to Australia. It is becoming so popular that around 200 000 students have come there in the past few years to receive education, which means you will surely find many people from your country and even your city.

You’ll be able to create a community, exchange experience, throw parties, and organize study groups. Plus, where else you’ll be able to make friends with people from all continents, get to know their culture or maybe even find love, learn a new language, you name it.

Worldwide Recognition

The fact that Australia is quite a small nation doesn’t say anything about the level of its education. There are some world top programs in fields like chemistry, biology, nursing, mathematics, etc. which you can find in over 40 major universities across the country.

The degrees obtained here are accepted all over the world, so it’s a worthy contribution in your resume and future career.

Studying Courses to all Tastes

If you think there won’t be a course to take up that corresponds to your interests, you are so wrong. As we mentioned, there are more than 40 universities and the most prestigious one - the Australian National University - offers over 750 courses!

We bet you will find what you want. The problem here is not to get lost, because you may want to try all of them. The good news then is that you can take a couple of classes and broaden your outlook or maybe even find a new passion in an unexpected field of science.

Possible Financial Help

If you have the excellent academic performance at school or university, are an active participant of extracurricular activities, but worry that you won’t manage to study in Australia because of the financial side - we have great news for you!

The Australian government has taken care of it and allotted a huge sum of money to scholarships and grants for the students from abroad. So do your research before going there and make sure you are a perfect candidate to get the scholarship. If not, become one!

Getting work experience while Studying

If for some reason you go studying without any financial support like grants or scholarships, you are still able to cover basic things like grocery, accommodation, etc. by getting a part-time job. Here you are officially allowed to work on a student visa up to 40 hours per two weeks. You won’t even need some special skills to get the job as all the positions are usually from cafes/restaurants, petrol stations, grocery stores, etc.

Someone may worry about managing work and studies, but usually, it’s really not a problem at all. In case you do feel overwhelmed with assignments and work duties, some time-management techniques alongside with external help from experts can balance out your life greatly. If you have a hard time completing the essay on time and your shift at work starts in a couple of hours, just ask a professional writer ‘do my assignment’ and feel free to perform your best in all spheres of life.

What is the Language Barrier?

Worry that your English is not perfect? You are not alone in this and there’s nothing to worry about. Remember, you are only one of many international students who can have the same problems as you.

Even those speaking good English may have problems understanding Australians. But look on the bright side - you get to spend quite a lot of time surrounded by the language and will get a grasp of it in no time!

Outside Class Activities

Say no to studying all the time. This country has a lot of other things to offer. The beauty of nature and diversity of wildlife with take your heart forever. Explore the rain forests, go hiking in the truly ancient rock formations, go diving under the Great Barrier Reef, jump with kangaroos - this list may be endless. And, of course, there’s a cultural part of city life as well, and it’s fascinating.

Numerous art galleries and museums, Sydney Opera, authentic cafes and restaurants - choose whatever you can think of. It’s also a great place to socialize and go to parties and nightclubs with newly made friends.

Fantastic vitamin D intake

It would be silly not to mention the weather even if it’s obvious. It’s a country where you can celebrate Christmas in a swimsuit, wear a light coat (if any) in winter and sunbathe almost all year round. You can’t feel anything but happiness when you are in Australia, that’s for sure. Nothing can be more helpful for your energy levels more than bright sunshine. People just seem to be unable to remain sad or homesick for a long time here.

Probably, there are more benefits to list, but there’s no point to take your time longer. By this time, you must be looking for a university already, so we can just wish you luck and wait until you share your unforgettable experience with others.

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