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Top ten universities in the UK to study English literature

Top Ten University Jaipur

Best Universities for English Literature in the UK: expert advice

English, the language that connects the different people of the world, has been a language of great history. It is a language of the Indo-European family and spread throughout the world with the spread of colonization. 

Students who undertake English literature courses at the university level have to work very hard to complete their courses successfully. They have to face assignments at a regular interval and must do them successfully to score excellent grades. 

English literature assignment help is available from online sources if you wish to keep up with your academic routine. If you are a student who wants to enroll in an English literature course at the university level but has not yet decided on the university or the college, then you should read ahead. 

The united kingdom, being the birthplace of the language, has produced the finest writers who have contributed to the enrichment of the language. 

From William Shakespeare to George Bernard Shaw, England has produced the best legends in the English literature section. If you wish to study English literature, then there can be no better place on the face of the earth than the united kingdom.

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English Literature study in the UK: Top places to enroll

Below we will share with you some of the best universities of the united kingdom to study English literature. You can go through the profiles of each of these institutions and choose the best according to your needs.

  1. University of Durham

Durham University is one of the finest institutions to provide degree programs in English literature. If you wish to study English literature comprehensively, then you must choose the University of Durham.

The compulsory modules of the course include poetry, novels, and drama, and non compulsory modules focus on other topics, texts, and genres.

One of the excellent features of the modules of this course is that it also takes into consideration the historical context and development.

University English literature assignment help from online experts covers all the genres and sections that are included in the courses of this university.

  1. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the finest institutions in the world. It has stood as a symbol of academic excellence and has been a pioneer in the field of English literature.

Cambridge University provides a comprehensive English literature course that gives an in-depth idea of the subject with the historical context.

One of the most elegant features of the English literature course at Cambridge is that it allows and helps students to develop their interest and also to specialize in it. 

In the first two years of their English language & literature courses in Cambridge, students have to study English literature from the medieval times to the present day. As they move on to the 3rd year of their program, they have to choose their specialization.

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  1. University of Oxford

The name of Oxford university is enough is a synonym of excellence. Being the oldest university in the English speaking world, it has stood as the symbol of higher education for hundreds of years. 

The English literature course at oxford provides students with an excellent syllabus that includes English literature from 650 AD to the present days. The first year of the course will give the students in-depth knowledge about early medieval, Victorian, and modern literature.

In the second and third years of their courses, students are given the choice of studying literature from 1350 to 1830 with a compulsory paper on Shakespeare, or they are required to give focus to earlier literature and the history of the English language.

 English Literature assignment experts in Australia have called the literature courses at the oxford university as one of the finest in the world.

  1. University of St. Andrews

The English literature department at the st. Andrews university is a unique one and provides students the opportunity to study abroad in the USA, Australia, and European nations.

The degree program spans from middle ages to the present times, and students have to choose a module from each period of medieval, Victorian, early modern, and modern.

This program is diverse and provides students to study English, American, Irish, and Scottish literature.

  1.  University of york 

The University of York provides a comprehensive and flexible course in English literature. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it asks students to study not only English literature but also literary works from around the globe that are translated into the English language.

Students of york university are given the opportunity to study abroad for a year.

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  1. University of Exeter 

The degree program at the University of Exeter not only provides the traditional English literature subjects but also gives them the option for doing film studies and creative writing.

Students in the first year of their college are bestowed with the knowledge of conducting research and writing in a creative manner. 

  1. University college in London

The English department of university college London provides a comprehensive course of English literature. The first-year students are required to undertake the significant narrative text from the era of the renaissance to the present and from Homer to the anglo Saxon literature.

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  1. Lancaster university

The course at Lancaster university requires students to complete some mandatory courses in the first and second years like a comprehensive introduction to the English language and theoretical and practical criticism and also covering an extensive range of genres, authors, literary movements covering history and geography.

The courses provided by Lancaster university comes in combination with creative writing and film studies.

  1. Birmingham university

English literature course at the University of Birmingham provides students with the core foundation in the English language, after which students have the option of choosing a specialization in either creative writing or film studies.

  1. Bristol university

The English literature course at the University of Bristol provides an excellent opportunity for students to study literature from medieval ages to the 18th century in the first academic year.

The second academic year covers the period of the post 18th century to the present times while the third year demands them to choose a specialization and write a dissertation.

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