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How to Make Friends in College? Check Our Tips

 How to Make Friends in College

How to make real friends in college? : Expert advice

After leaving the monotonous school life, you will have to step into college for higher education.  

College can seem like a very different place at first. You will have a lot of freedom that you lacked in school, and yet you would be surrounded by strangers.

Your childhood friends have been with you for a long time, you have grown up with them, and now you have to make some new friends as you are in a different space altogether. 

Approaching people is not a big deal for extroverts as they are already outgoing by nature and won't hesitate to contact someone. But for introverts, who shy away from strangers, this can be a hard task. 

Introverted students who find it hard to make friends rely on social media to pass the time, and it only makes them more miserable. 

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You can't replace human interaction no matter how much you try, so it is always better to make friends and have a good time in college, especially if you are attending college in another city or nation.

Below we will share with you some expert's advice on how to make friends in college and follow these steps, and you will never be short of friends during your college years.

Childhood friends are unique, and nobody can take their place in your life, but college friends are the special friends that you will make just before you step into the professional shoes. 

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In professional life, making new friends is not easy, and you'll make very few real friends during this time.

How to make friends in college classes?

Classes are the best place in college to make new friends. You can start by asking simple questions to your classmates to strike a conversation.  

Asking questions and listening is one of the best ways to make friends. Ask the people around you if they understood the lesson or what school they attended? These are simple questions that can lead to further conversation.

Share a little information about yourself, so people take an interest in you and perform small acts of kindness for fellow students so that you present yourself as good human beings.

You have to spend the next couple of years with your classmates, so make sure that you cultivate a good relationship with them.

How to make friends in college abroad?

Many students who study abroad fail to make friends as they are not aware of foreign culture and don't try to make a fool out of themselves. It is this fear that restrains them from making friends and having a good time.

The first thing you need to make friends overseas educational institution is confidence. Without confidence, it will not be easy to make friends there, so it is the primary trait that you need to develop if you are planning to study abroad.

Attend as many college events as you can and make yourself known to people around you. 

Plan after college activities and invite your classmates to participate, this will send a good signal to the people around you.

Ask your classmates for group studies and help them if you can with their doubts. 

Ask your local classmates to show you around the city or town where you are attending college.

How to make friends in college campus?

Once you are on campus, you should always smile at people around you, but don't creep them out. Pass a gentle smile and let them know you are interested in being their friends. Say hi to someone sitting beside you on the bench and start a conversation.

Keep the gate of your dorm open so that other first-year students can approach you. Remember that every newcomer needs friends, and just like you, they are out to make some. 

By keeping your gate open, you are giving them the chance to pass a smile or say hello while passing.

How to make friends in college when you live off campus?

Often students attending college in other places live outside campuses on rented accommodation. They attend college and then go to their accommodation. These students don't get much time to make friends on campus and use social media to entertain themselves.

You will also have the advantage of making friends outside in your neighborhood. You can join book clubs or social clubs to interact with new people and make friends.

Having friends from college has its advantages for academic purposes and but if you live off-campus, you won't be able to do so. 

You can try to arrive early at college so that you can initiate conversations with your classmates before the class starts and in the same manner, leave a little late so that you can talk to them after classes.

If you live off-campus, then you should try to look for local classmates who reside in their area, use your on-campus time to find such students, and ask them to hang out after college. 

How to make friends in college as a transfer?

If you are a transfer student, you are like a freshman in college, even if you are in the 2nd year of your course. You won't be given a freshman welcome and the chance to interact with other classmates. 

You should talk to those students who have also come to your college as transfers, it may sound weird, but it is an excellent idea as you have something in common with them.

Your classmates will be a little curious about you and would want to talk to you as much as you would want to. 

Smile at people in your class and give a friendly vibe to them so that they can approach you.

If you have been struggling to make friends in college, then you should follow these tips as explained. Remember, making friends does not have a scientific process that you can master by following a specific set of rules. 

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These are just tips to help you out initially and to make long-lasting friendships, you'll need more than these tricks.  

Friendship depends on trust, and being there when needed, without managing these two long-lasting friendship is not possible.

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