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How To Bounce Back From Poor Grade In University

Poor Grade In University

Best tips for students to bounce back from poor grades

It’s no less than a cultural shock for all the students who have just taken admission in a college and university. It takes time to understand college or university’s environment and the situation becomes trickier when they are offered assignments to work on.

The format of assignments in college or university is quite different from that of school. These assignments require more in-depth and thorough research.

Often students feel overburdened and stressed in the process of coping with all the new college life and assignments, which ultimately led to the poor grades.

Sometimes the question, how to get good grades in university becomes the biggest questions for students in college.

It is obvious, that due to humongous academic formalities, personal commitments, and other daily tasks, students might not be able to focus on their academia. 

But as F. Scott Fitzgerald, the famous author said, “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” and so you should also not let the poor grades define you as a student, there always afterward.

Today in this post, we have come up with a list of simple and efficient tips that will help you get back on the study track with scoring grades.

Let’s start!

Never settle with low scores

The circle of getting good grades and low grades is constantly looping for students at any level. The most important part is that you should never settle on the scores you acquired. You should never quit becoming the best version of yourself.

As stated by Winston Churchill – Success is not final: failure is not fatal. Students should understand the depth of this quote and should understand that neither success nor low grades are final, both can be enhanced one step ahead.

On getting low scores, check all the areas that require your attention, analyze it, and work on it at the soonest and that’s how to get good grades effectively.

Do not get demotivated

It is understandable, that students often feel low whenever get bad grades in their exams. Students should understand, just like success is not final, so is not the failure.

Therefore if you want to know how to get over a bad grade in university, the most important thing is to stay positive no matter how adverse is the situation.

A positive attitude gives you the strength to rise again and faceoff to maintain a positive approach for future exams.

Evaluate your mistake

Poor grades in college often dishearten students, but that’s where student make a grave mistake. Instead of getting demotivated, you should spend your time understanding and evaluating the mistakes.

If you want to know how to bounce back from a bad exam and result you should analyze all the factors which led to bed quality assignment such as the preparation done for an assignment, time spent on preparation of assignment, etc.

Evaluate what exactly went wrong when you studied for the exams. You might have spent long hours studying your subjects but are you sure you spent those hours in the right direction?

You can improvise your study habits by enhancing the assignment writing time, by attending assignments sincerely, to analyze and improve the time taken in writing exams, and customize your score pattern.

Recognize learning style and learning curve

Every student and his or her learning style is different, if you recognize it, you can learn the secret of how to get over a bad grade on a test.

Some students are better in learning the texts as it is while others are better in learning exams through illustrations and relate them to their academic.

You might have a different learning style, stick to the one that suits you the most and help you learn the things efficiently.

There are students who learn in less time while others take more time, even time is depended on an individual. At the bottom line, you should learn the study style to continue your exam preparation.

Now comes to understand the learning curve.

Just like every individual has a different learning style, each has a different learning curve. If you want to know how to deal with a bad grade on your report card, work on improving your learning curve.

Basically learning curve depicts the relationship between learning and efforts put in it. For eg. You have the ability to learn 10 pages per day while your friends can learn only 4 pages.

To increase this cure-all your friends need to do is to muster all the efforts and patience and put it together to learn the remaining pages. Gradually it will show the improvement.


For all who want to know how to bounce back from poor grade in university, we hope this article proves helpful for you.

Along with the points discussed above, there are many other major tips that will tell you how to deal with a failing grade. These tips include to know how to talk to a professor about a bad grade, to keep up with the upcoming projects and assignments in the coming semester, to create a solid action plan, to take guidance from your tutor to complete the semester.

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05 Nov, 2019

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