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MLA Format[Referencing]: Tips By Educational Assignment Experts

MLA Format Style

Everything You Need To Know About MLA Format Style

Dissertation writing is a long process, it requires meticulous process, sleepless nights, and a huge chunk of time to get completed.

In this long and tedious task, comes various hurdles which hamper our work. One such work is preparing a proper referencing for the dissertation.

Even though you want it or not, you would have to go through the painful process of listing every single resource that has helped in building your dissertation what it is.

There are various kinds of dissertation formatting & referencing style and one of the most important is the MLA referencing style.

Today in this post, we are going to discuss every aspect of MLA format style. This post would help you build a robust reference list that would make your dissertation more authentic.

Let’s start learning about the paper format of MLA style.

MLA Referencing Style

Popularly called as the parenthetical system, the MLA citation format is designed and developed by the Modern Languages Association.

Majorly uses an in-text citation, rather than footnotes or endnotes, the MLA format citation is also one of the widely used referencing styles in academic writing.

In a dissertation, MLA referencing style uses the bracketed references in the body of the paper. These bracketed referenced are linked to full-length citation at the end of your dissertation in the bibliography section.

Majorly used by the students from humanities field the MLA referencing style consist of two kinds of citing sources: MLA in text citation and MLA works-cited list.

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Do you know these different elements build an MLA style paper?

Each dissertation is prepared according to the style format set by individual universities and colleges.
When it comes to MLA style paper, it has its elements that would help students build a strong and authentic paper.
Here in this MLA referencing guide, we will discuss all these elements that are included in the MLA format template.

Paper Choice

The quality and type of paper used in MLA format is only the high-quality white color paper. MLA format paper does not allow ivory, off-white and paper of any other colors.

MLA Header

In this kind of paper format, the header can be created in two styles. First, by creating MLA heading at the top of the first page and the second is by adding a title page in front of the assignment.

The running head with page number

Known as the brief heading the running heading is always placed in the top right corner of every page.
The running head is a form of writer’s last name and the page number. Few things to consider while creating a running head:

  • It should always be kept in the upper-right hand corner,
  • It should only contain the last name of writer and page number,
  • No use of abbreviation before page number like pg. or p,
  • Take guidance from the tutor before final submission.

Margins, paragraphs and quotes

Here are the following things one should keep in mind related to margins, paragraphs, and the quotation while preparing a dissertation.
The margin in the MLA format style should be kept on inch around the entire page. It can be done easily in MS Word.
Every first word in every paragraph should be made an indent. The sentence should be started from one and a half-inch from the left margin.
While writing a paragraph, you can also add quotes in your dissertation to defend your argument, prove your point and emphasis to liven your project.

Proper spacing, font & paraphrase

While writing your dissertation if you want to add something to your paper from other sources, then you need to give proper credit to the source according to MLA reference format.
Talking about the font size and font style, then you should use the one which is easy to read by the readers. The recommended fonts are Arial and Times New Roman.
The recommended font size is the 12-point size.
Always make sure that you include a double spaced line in your MLA format in between the written body of the dissertation.

Use of punctuation & abbreviations

Punctuation has its proper guidelines in the MLA format template. Here are a few guidelines:
Quotes – Every quote is ended with the full stop should be placed outside of the parentheses.

Commas – Use of commas in MLA format style paper is highly recommended. It helps the reader to give rest while reading. It also makes your paragraphs, more readable.

Concluding sentence with punctuation – Whenever you use punctuation mark to close any sentence, you need to begin the next sentence after one space and not two.

Abbreviations used in MLA format style

According to the Modern Language Association, the use of abbreviations is not preferable. The short forms can only be used in a rare case.

MLA paper format recommends to always use full words in place of abbreviations.

Here are the following kinds of abbreviations and MLA format guide to using them:

Capital letters abbreviations: Do not put spaces or period in between capital letters. For example USA, DVD.

Small letters abbreviations: Put the period between the letters. For Example e.g.

A mix of upper & small letters: Do not use periods if the majority of letters are upper case. For Example PhD, EdD.

Abbreviation of months: Month's name more than 4 letters need to be abbreviated in MLA bibliography format. For Example December = Dec. and November = Nov.

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We hope the above give the MLA format research paper guide will come to your aid when you will prepare your dissertation according to the MLA format style.

If you think we have left any other point, then you are always welcome to share your suggestions and inputs with us.

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