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Unique Argumentative Essay Topics with a Writing guide

Essay Topics With a Writing Guide

Good Argument Topics For Essay Writing

Finding an argumentative essay is not a hard nut to crack; in fact, you can find them everywhere, right from the headlines of the newspaper to some conversations happening at Starbucks. There are bright chances of you hearing someone being persuaded by another person to believe in their claim.

So, would you like to go through the exact definition of an argumentative essay?

If yes, then here you go!

Argumentative Essay: An Introduction

Argumentative Essays present both sided arguments of an issue. The argumentative essays are all about seeking a position on a particular issue and to give several reasons that are supported by various evidence for agreeing with that position.

According to various essay writers an argumentative essay is not a piece of cake, structuring an argumentative essay efficiently requires a lot of dedication, an intense amount of hard work, and a lot of seriousness. Students often fail in writing a perfect argumentative college essay, and they mostly look for some essay help online.

Are you thinking of writing an argumentative essay without the help of some essay writer? Well, in the next segment of the article, we’ll guide you about how to write an argumentative essay by yourself.

Let’s Begin.

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Step 1: Preparation.

  • Choose a Topic.
  • Choose the side you’re on.
  • Pick an argument that appeals to human emotions.
  • Picture your audience.
  • Do staunch research.
  • Think about the objections your readers might raise.
  • Organize your evidence.

Step 2: Structure Your Essay

Make sure you draft the structure of your essay before you start writing the essay. The body of the essay paragraphs should correspond with the key arguments and also you must be aware of your opponent’s side too along with your side, doing the same can help you in winning the argument more gracefully.

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Step 3: Writing the Introduction

To write an effective essay introduction, we’d highly advise you to begin your opening paragraph with a hook, an attention grabber for all your readers. You can insert a quote, draw some facts, state some curious facts, or construct a vivid situation.

Your introduction should always have:

  • Introduction of the topic.
  • Your Point of View
  • Transition to the body of the essay
  • Some factual evidence

Step 4: Write the Body

The body paragraph should be highly focused on single evidence. Never forget to insert references and facts to support each of your claims.

Step 5: Craft the conclusion

So now that you’ve learned how to write an effective introduction for your argumentative essay lets now focus on the final point, i.e., how to end the same. You can simply rephrase your thesis statement or summarize your main points to write an impressive conclusion.

Step 6: Polish Your Essay

Okay, so now you’ve accomplished your argumentative essay, it’s now time for an effective revision. Make sure you go through every nook of your work and revise your essay thoroughly.

Are you looking for some great Argumentative Essay Topics?

The team of essay helpers at Complete My Assignment have a great list of argumentative essay topics. Have a glance!

  • Why are the US citizens becoming more obese rapidly?
  • Which secondary languages are worth studying today?
  • Is the current grading helpful in performance?
  • Advantages of MBA Programs?
  • Is education too commercialized nowadays?
  • What can be done to assist teenagers in maintaining a healthy weight?
  • Is swimming the best type of sport?

These are some of the excellent argumentative essay topics suggested by the essay helpers, to know more about this space register with Complete My Assignment right away.

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