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Different academic research methods that you should know

What type of research methodology

Types of research methods used in academic nowadays

Academic writing is an excellent way to develop research, brainstorming, and excellent writing skills. To keep up with your academic courses, you must be able to write your assignments, thesis, and dissertations in the perfect manner.

You cannot write high scoring academic projects without effective research skills, and developing these skills take time. There are different types of research methods that are used in academic writing.

Academic help on research methodology is also available from online experts if you are not aware of the methodologies yet. You should not initiate research on your own if you have not given ample time to learn them as you might commit mistakes and lose valuable grades.

Choosing the right research method is essential in academic writing, and if you fail to do so, you will end up messing up your paper. Below we will share with you some of the critical research methodologies that you must master to do any assignment.

What are the research methodology and research methods? : Experts speak

When writing an academic paper, you must conduct research through proper methods as you will have to discuss your research methodology too. The research will bring you closer to the topic and give an overall understanding of the issue.

One of the most critical components of academic writing is adequate data. Without proper input of data, your paper will look restricted and inappropriate, so make sure that you are giving enough time to research as it will form the basis of your paper.

We will share with you academic research methods examples so that you will have a better understanding of the research methods.

Basic research

Basic research is done in order to get the fundamentals of a topic. Basic research is also called pure research, as it will give you first-hand knowledge about a topic without alterations. Basic research revolves around the fundamental principles, foundation experiments, and observation of the topic that will help you in answering the basic questions about the topic.

Applied research

Applied research is not about collecting data. It is about applying the data collected through basic research to solve practical and Immediate problems arising in society, a business organization, or any other entity.

Applied research is the nonsystematic kind of research that is initiated by an organization with a specific purpose. Unlike basic research, applied research is usually funded by organizations that are looking for practical solutions to the problems arising out of their operations.

Quantitative research methods

Quantitative research is initiated when an organization is in need of numerical data and figures that will be used for purposes ranging from future decision making or to gather numerical data for making mathematical models, relevant theories or hypotheses.

The importance of quantitative methods lies in the fact that it enables us to relate between the different quantitative properties and other phenomenons. One of the best usages of quantitative research methods is in statistics that help in interpreting commercial and economic data.

Professional Academic Writers can help you out if your academic papers demand this method, you must not take the risk of doing it yourself if you are not aware of this method in detail.

Qualitative research methods

Unlike quantitative research methods, qualitative research methods deal with subjective research based on the view of the targeted people. It takes into consideration the thoughts that the targeted audience has about a particular product or issue.

Qualitative research methods involve a direct conversation with the target group through interviews, surveys, and sampling.

Conceptual research

The focus of conceptual research is on the information that already exists to give an understanding of a topic. Conceptual research does not lay emphasis on conducting new experiments but only works upon the pre-existing data.

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The selection of topics is an important task when undertaking conceptual research, and one should choose a topic only if it has ample resources for research.

Empirical research

Empirical research is evidence-based research that requires one to adhere to the empirical evidence for drawing data strictly. The evidence in empirical research should be conclusive and verifiable.

Reliability is an essential factor in empirical research, and the data extracted should be analyzed strictly in an objective manner. The question asked should be explicitly answered without deviating.

Descriptive research

Descriptive research is undertaken when one needs to describe the characteristics of a population, phenomenon, or any other topic that the researcher might take. Descriptive research puts strict emphasis on providing a detailed account of the topic rather than getting into the causes and effects.
Quantifiable data is also presented in descriptive research in order to give conclusive information about the issue.

Analytical research

As the name suggests, analytical research is required to analyze the already obtained information. Any complex phenomena are explained through this method, and it requires a high level of critical thinking.

Analytical research is highly useful in hypothetical testing and is widely used for the purpose of top-level researchers. Analytical research is highly useful in the domain of history, philosophy, review of previous research, and also meta-analysis.

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