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What is the Similarities and Differences: Dissertation VS Thesis

What is the Similarities and Differences: Dissertation VS Thesis

Differences and Similarities Between Dissertation & Thesis

A masters/doctoral degree is required to graduate from a university. Both the degree courses are highly challenging and expect students to go through a tedious assignment writing process.

To win with flying colors, students are required to do reading, take up projects and do the necessary research to complete coursework.

Thesis and dissertations are the outcomes of hard work which comprehends the skills and knowledge accumulated during the course. The article below will talk about the difference and similarities between thesis and dissertation. Further, ahead we will also see the role of online assignment help services like “Complete my assignment” in submitting their project work.

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Similarities Between Thesis and Dissertation


  • In most of the cases both the terms are used for the same purpose and are interchangeable.
  • While writing an assignment for universities, thesis or dissertation students are supposed to choose a topic of their own, demonstrate excellent writing skills with details understanding about the subject.
  • They are similar in their structure and format.
  • A proposal is to be made to introduce the primary goal to the audience which also serves the base for the final project.
  • Students are supposed to take a stand for completed thesis and a dissertation for completing a certain degree course.
  • In both the scenarios, students should avoid copyright infringement to produce a 100% plagiarism free research work. While it is imperative to maintain the originality in work, many students fail to do and seek assignment assistance from expert tutors at CMA.

Because of numerous similarities, many students often get confused and end up losing marks. For such students, assignment writing tips are beneficial in scoring higher grades.

Difference Between Thesis and Dissertation 

  1. Specific to US universities, a thesis is required to get a masters degree whereas a dissertation is for a Phd. degree.
  2. In terms of the length of the project, a thesis should have minimum 100 pages while a dissertation can go even longer.
  3. Original research is to be carried out while writing a thesis while a dissertation is done on existing research.
  4. A dissertation forms a part of the analysis of current literature, while on the other hand a thesis analysis is added to the ongoing analysis.
  5. A dissertation required more inputs in term of the research in a specific area as compared to a thesis.
  6. Statements also make a huge difference. A dissertation statement is used to define the results and expectations of the project, while a thesis statement is used to brief the readers on how you are going to argue about your topic of study.

Role of College Assignment Help Services


For students who are well aware of the pre-requisites of a successful thesis/ dissertation can refer to multiple examples for a better and clear understanding of the project.

Unfortunately, learning this art is a tedious task and requires a lot of dedication, excellent writing skills, in-depth knowledge, a right amount of patience and time management. If you feel confused and complicated, you can ask for quality assignment help from expert tutors at “Complete my assignment.”

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