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Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation

Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation

Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation

Students who are planning to pursue their masters and doctoral degree, often get confused in between the terms thesis and dissertation.
If you are one of the undergraduate students, then you must have heard about a comprehensive paper that you need to submit before completing your course of study.

This comprehensive paper that you need to submit to your professors is known as a thesis in some cases and dissertation in other cases.
If you are also thinking about the difference between thesis and dissertation then you have come to the right place.

In this post, we have delved deeper for you and come up with a complete list of differences between thesis and dissertation.

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Though both these terms often used interchangeably and lead students to confusion as both have a similar structure, and both are compact with introduction, literature review, body, conclusion, appendix, and bibliography.

With so many similarities in both these academic pieces of writing, it is obvious for students to get confused, and so here we are to tell you everything about dissertation vs thesis.

What is the meaning of Dissertation?

Before we understand the differences between both these terms, let's first understand the meaning of the individual terms.

To simply put, dissertation refers to a piece of writing which explained a particular subject in detail. The dissertation writing is majorly done by students who are aspiring Ph.D. and M.Phil. level degree.

The dissertation is moreover an independent piece of work which usually indicate the last step of your education journey. At the end of dissertation writing, students finally receive their degree.

Understanding the meaning of the thesis?

Associated with the master’s program, the thesis is also an academic piece of writing which is compact with your research work. The thesis tells about the knowledge & information that you have learned throughout the graduate program.

It is written by students to acquire their academic degrees from universities and colleges.

Derived from the Greek work proposition, the thesis can get completed within the time frame of 6 months to a year.

The characteristic difference between dissertation and thesis

Now that we have understood the basics of the terms, dissertation, and thesis, it’s the time we move ahead and learn how these two terms are characteristically different.

Characteristics of dissertation

  • To offer you the best dissertation help we have come up with the essential individualities of thesis for you.
  • Every dissertation is an individual piece of study.
  • It always showcases the analytical & critical thinking of a student.
  • Every university has its writing format.
  • The dissertation shows deep knowledge and understanding of a student backed by a proper reference list.
  • A dissertation must have an academic approach, & should flaunt with an original piece of work and research.

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Characteristics of the thesis

  • To smoothen your academic writing, we are here with thesis help services that make you understand about basic thesis characteristics.
  • The thesis must have accurate grammar and punctuation.
  • The title and the abstract of the thesis must be accurate.
  • Every title should reflect the study’s nature.
  • Students should maintain consistency in writing a thesis.
  • The subject matter of the thesis must be written in an easy format.

How dissertation is different from thesis?

HTML Tables
Basis Dissertation Thesis
Requirement At the end of the Ph.D. degree. At the end of the masters’ degree
Why Write To contribute new knowledge, practices, and theories in your field. To prove your understanding of the topic.
Time It completes in more than a year. It completes within a short period, from 4 to 6 months.
Based On It is based on discoveries in one’s field. It is based on the work of assumptions.
Length It is a descriptive piece of academic writing. Its length depends on the extent of your research. It is a short academic piece of writing. Completes in approx. 100 pages.
Type The dissertation is called academic book. The thesis is called academic research paper.
Format The format is based on the set of guidelines set by the universities. Thesis major has a generally acceptable format.

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