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Complete guide on a career in psychology


Psychology Career Guide: What you need to know

Psychology is a modern subject that emerged out of the ancient subject of philosophy in order to focus more on the human mind and to analyze it effectively. Psychology is based on science, which means that every theory of psychology should be tested in a scientific manner before it can be applied.

Every year millions of students around the globe take up psychology as a subject for higher studies as it provides excellent career opportunities. 

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Psychology studies the human mind and behavior in an objective way and tries to solve practical problems for the same. Psychology is used in various industries for various purposes and has emerged as a field providing excellent career prospects.

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Careers in psychology are so diversified that you would find a perfect one for yourself with ease. With the application of psychology in different fields increasing day by day, the requirement for professionals is also seeing an upward trend.

Our experts have put forward the latest trend in the career of the psychology domain. Read ahead to get an overall idea of the domain and take great care while choosing a favorable career option in psychology.

Psychology career Information and outlook: What our experts say !

The need to study the dynamics and dimensions of human behavior has seen a sudden rise in every field. The human mind is more occupied than ever, our ancestors did not have to worry about the things that we worry about.

A psychology career will provide you the opportunity to work in different fields from clinics, rehabilitation centers to corporate houses. You have to make the most out of your psychology degree and it will not be possible if you don't know yourself and your capabilities well. 

You might be a natural clinical psychologist, but you chose to step into the corporate shoes for higher pay. This kind of decision making will only harm you in the long term as you may not get job satisfaction.

A career counselor might come in handy at this point and you must visit one if you feel confused about the field that you need to enter. A career counselor will bring out the best in you and suggest a suitable career.

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Careers in psychology with a bachelor's degree are also vibrant and you will have a lot of choices to make.

Types of psychology careers: An overview

Below we will share with you some of the most excellent careers that you can choose with your psychology degree.

       1. School psychologists

As a school psychologist, you will be responsible for taking care of providing help to children, teenagers, and their families. A school psychologist is a noble job and you will be responsible for taking care of the mental health of students and also giving the parents the best advice to manage their children.

Most of the schools these days need to appoint a professional psychologist and this fact adds to the high employability of school psychologists.

      2.Clinical psychologists

Clinical psychologists have an exciting yet tough job to do. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating individuals with mental, emotional and behavioral issues. The issues related to mental health can be short term and nonserious or serious long term issues like schizophrenia.

Psychologists working in clinical settings can specialize in specific issues like phobias, depression, OCD, etc or groups like family, refugees, LGBT older people, etc.

      3. Counseling psychologists

Unlike clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists are responsible for counseling people and helping them to realize their strengths to cope with the everyday struggles of life. Counseling psychologists help people of all age groups to identify the issues with their mental health and then provide them with the necessary steps to take care of their issues.

1.Organizational/ Industrial psychologist

The branch of psychology that deals with conducting research and providing excellent policies to improve productivity, health, and quality of employee’s life are called organizational or industrial psychology. 

Industrial psychologists also contribute to human resource policies in order to make the relationship between the workforce and management more fruitful and healthy. 

2. Rehabilitation psychologists

People living with disabilities, chronic diseases and who are addicted to substance abuse face an extraordinary amount of mental stress. This group needs special attention and care as they are already fighting a battle with everyday life.

As a rehabilitation psychologist, you need to provide adequate support to these people as they try to live with their issues

What Can You Do With a Psychology Degree? If you have this question in mind then your answer is to work as a rehabilitation psychologist and make a difference in the lives of people who really need it. 

3. Sports psychologists

Sports has become one of the most important fields for psychologists. If you are wondering what a psychologist will do in the sports field then you are up for a surprise. Athletes not only need physical fitness in order to compete. The amount of mental pressure they go through because of the constant attention and the pressure to perform well is quite huge.

As a sports psychologist, you will have to help athletes in keeping up their focus and also to motivate them when required.

 1. Forensic psychologists

Forensic psychologists are required to apply the principles of psychology to legal issues. This is a very important job that will require you to work very carefully as justice may depend upon your quality of work.

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Imagine there is a case where you have to help a judge to determine which parent is better for a child’s custody or you have to decide whether a defendant is mentally capable of standing in a trial. 

Careers in psychology and law are quite interesting and also highly rewarded. If you carry an interest in law then you should go for this career choice.

 2. Social psychologists

Social psychologists are responsible for studying how a person’s mental health and behavior is determined by the environment or the society he dwells in. Social psychologists are interested in every aspect of an individual's interaction with the outside world be it interpersonal or in groups.

Social psychologists have a special place in the field of psychology as they are responsible for finding new ways to tackle social issues. 

Development of Attitude of one group of people against another, how prejudice is formed against some groups of individuals, what are the ways to stop this kind of prejudice? These are the kind of questions that social psychologists need to answer.

These were some of the important careers that you can look forward to with a degree in psychology. Psychology is not an easy subject to study and includes complex theories that need your undivided attention. Psychology degree programs also come with a lot of assignments at a regular interval and you must keep up with them to score excellent grades.

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