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What are the Common Student Teacher Study Bonding Problems?

Common Student Teacher Study Bonding

Causes of the Poor Student-Teacher Relationship

A relationship between a teacher and a student is always special. Together they can make wonderful and if things do not go well between the two, it can lead to endless conflict.

There are some students and teachers who click right start from the moment they meet while other students and teachers relationship takes time to develop and thrive.

The not so good relationship between teachers and students has been one of the major educational problems faced by teachers in school. Due to the lack of bond between both, creates lasting problems.

It has been seen, the poor bonding between the teachers and students bring them numerous ongoing unresolved conflicts which prevent them to connect forever.

Often neither student nor teacher understands the reasons for conflict between the two. These reasons could be anything, which we often overlook.
Therefore in this post, we have come up with the list of common student-teacher study bonding problems that would help you eliminate all the causes of conflict and strengthen the bonding between students and teachers.

Lack of focus on students

It has been seen that teachers often become insensitive towards students’ needs. It is because of their lack of awareness, the majority of student-teacher bonding problem occurs.
Each student is an individual and has their way of learning things. Some students learn the lesson the way teachers teach them, while others require personalized educational practices.
There are various factors that affect students in learning and studying, including personality, family backgrounds, learning process, learning style, & academic goals to name a few.
Problems faced by students in school can be any, teachers are wise they should understand their students and gives them one-on-one attention whenever required.

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Crossing boundaries

Sometimes it happens, when students and teachers get along well initially and as time passes, conflicts start taking place between the two.
It happens when one of either party cross appropriate boundaries. Such a situation occurs when students and teachers connect on social media platforms, text each other and do any other sort of online interaction which ultimately complicates classroom relationships.
In some cases, either student gets too friendly with teachers or in other case teachers to cross the line of appropriate conduct and get extra friendly with students.
When their friendship becomes part of classroom decorum, students forget the importance of boundaries and do such things which are inappropriate.

Teachers Oppression

A child spends most of the time in school amidst teachers. Therefore, for teachers, it becomes essential to treat students with empathy.
But unfortunately, many a time it has been seen that students become a victim of teachers’ bullying. A few years back, a survey was conducted among 116 teachers at seven elementary school and the results were surprising. Approx. 45% of teachers admitted that they bully students.
Majority of problems in teacher-student bond occur because of the bullying. It creates a lack of trust for teachers. Students feel that their teachers don’t have the best interest in mind for them.

Bothersome behavior

Rude behavior or troublesome behavior is a subjective matter. The definition of rudeness changes from individual to individual.
The same goes for the teacher and student relationship. But there are times when one can easily identify the troublesome behavior between the two.
It has been observed that most of the times students become rude, disrespectful and condescending towards their teachers, on one or the other issue.
On the same hand, sometimes even teachers become rude to students that create conflicting situation among them.

Major causes of troublesome behavior by teachers happens:

  • When teachers interrupt students on their every task.
  • When teachers criticize students in front of the entire class.
  • When teachers show apathy towards students.

Major causes of troublesome behavior by students happens:

  • When students behave disrespectfully with teachers.
  • When students avoid the instruction of teachers.
  • When students demonstrate indifference to their teachers.

The conclusion

To avoid all these behavioral conflicts, and increase teachers and students’ bond, they should stop behaving disrespectfully with each other, students should control their temper, teachers should not yell at students, students must show respect towards their teachers, teachers should always appreciate students even on their smallest work, and they both should treat each other with kindness, patience, and great respect.
One of the best ways to get along with students is to get involved with students in extracurricular activities and support them. When a student watches you supporting them, they would highly appreciate you.
We hope all the above mentioned educational problems and solutions would help you build a strong bond with your teachers and vice-versa.

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Common Student Teacher Study Bonding Student Teacher Study Bonding
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