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Common Problems with College Roommates

Common Problems with College Roommates

Common Roommate Problems You Will Experience

Life after high school brings lots of changes. Among all one of the biggest changes is to share your space with a roommate.

Roommates in college are no less than your second family, they stand with you when you need them the most, they care for you when you are not feeling well and they will fight for you when you feel low.

Among all your strong relationships in college, the one with your roommate is the strongest.

But off-course nobody is perfect and so the same applies to you and to your roommate. Some roommates are either too clean or too messy, some are either early birds or some are night owls.

Initially, every new collegiate face numerous problems with their new roommates. It is obvious as you and your roommate comes from different background, different culture and different environment, it takes time to build a repo with each other.

But till then, everything that your roommate does might annoy you unconditionally.

The roommate trouble is not uncommon if you are among those who are wondering what all trouble you might face with your roommate then worry not, we have got you some common roommate issues along with ways to fix them.

Extremely messy or clean freak

One of the biggest challenges that you face with your roommate is their extreme nature. There are chances that either you might have some as your roommate who is a neat freak or extremely messy.

In either case, both kinds of a roommate can be stressful. Every person has a different standard of cleanliness, the best way to solve this problem is to compromise and work a little harder to keep your space clean.

If you get someone who loves cleanliness then you can put a little effort to make your side clean too. If you get someone who likes to be messy, don’t worry, take time, have patience and eventually try to build such a repo with your roommate that you may induce him or her to keep their side stay clean and hygienic too.

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Different sleep schedule

Another problem that most college students face with their roommate is their sleeping schedule. Different person has a different sleep schedule, some are the early larks while some are night owls.

If you are an early bird that does not mean your roommate like to sleep early and wake up early. You have to understand each other's situation. Just like you are facing cultural shock, your roommate is also going through the same condition.

Talk to your roommate about the problem, try to figure out the common path which is suitable for both. For example, if you or your roommate sleep early then the other one can go and work in a college library, study room or to the common room so that the other may not get disturbed.

Problem of bringing the third roommate

There is an old phrase “the more the merrier”, but it is not necessary that the phrase is always true, especially when you have limited space and your roommate brings her friends and other people to hang out.

Bringing the third person in the room is a common problem. Either you will do it or your roommate will do the mistake of calling other people in the room.

In a survey, it has been found that many students don’t like their roommates bringing the third person in their privacy. Such things create continuous tension among the room partners because of which either won’t be able to survive with one another.

Borrowing things without permission

One of the many problems with college roommates is the problem of sharing things without any permission. It is common that if you are sharing your room, then after building a strong repo, you can also share your things.

But before that, if you feel your room partner is using your things without your consent it’s the time you should talk to them.

We all must have learned in our school to not to take without asking, but gradually this basic courtesy vanishes with time and which lead to continuous tension between you and your roommate.

If you are the roommate who takes things without asking, you should stop doing right away and if you have such partner then talk to them and set some boundaries.

If you want something you can always ask your roommate to borrow you the same and vice versa.

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Roommate is always around or never around

There are two kinds of roommates, one who is never around you and the one who always stays inside. In both cases, the situation becomes worse. If you or your room partner is among these two kinds, then there’s a serious problem.

A ghost room partners never stay in the room, they only visit the room when they require anything or they need to borrow. That sometimes creates a frustrating situation.

It is better if you better start building your relationship with your roommate, invite them for lunch or ask them to hang out somewhere, where you both understand each other and spend some more time.

In case if you are the ghost roommate, it is better you should spend time with your room partner. They actually feel low when they see no one around them 24x7. Start spending more time with them.

Talking about more time, there are some situations where roommates never like to leave the room and always stick around 24/7.
Having someone around always is sometimes intimidating, but there comes a time when you want some “me time”. In such case having someone around could be overwhelming.
Everybody needs a small space in their life. If you think your roommate is a homebody then talk to them, encourage them to spend time outside with other friends. In this way, you can have some time alone.
In case if you are that always around roommate, do not continue this behavior, give your roommate some space and give them their space.

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