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Dissertation Writing Tips for Students


Too Anxious about Your Dissertation Paper?

Well, Writing and submitting a dissertation on time is not an easy task. The students have to sure pull their socks up for crafting a perfect dissertation.

According to various dissertation writing services, the majority of the students make prevalent mistakes in writing a dissertation paper, and the consequences of those mistakes result in some real low marks.

In this article, you’ll go through some common mistakes and some fantastic dissertation writing tips that can help you out in sketching a perfect dissertation paper.

Let’s Begin,


Students often forget to maintain balance while writing the dissertation paper, and this results into some unorganized work.

My Tip: Make sure you find the appropriate balance between the various chapters that you’ve inserted in your dissertation to work efficiently and to fulfil all the requirements.

Beginning Too Late: Majority of the students wait until the last minute to start off their work and right before their submission they gasp for more time.

My Tip: You cannot finish more than 10,000 words within a week or two, so it is highly advisable to start your work on time, so that you don’t run short of time by the end.

Beginning too Early: Quite a many students start writing the dissertation paper too early because they become incredibly anxious about it.

My Tip: Yes, it is essential to start your work early, but starting it off too soon may not do you any good instead, you might compromise with several things.

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Lack of Professionalism: Many students do not take the dissertation writing seriously, and they finish it off in a very unprofessional manner.

My Tip: If you won’t work seriously on your dissertation paper and ignore several aspects of the same, those aspects might erode your credibility as a scholar. Therefore, it is much advisable to have a diligent approach towards your dissertation paper.

Plagiarism: Cut, Copy, Paste! Students find it easy to copy, paste the work from the internet without realizing the importance of an authentic work.

My Tip: Yes, it is essential to go for some useful resources in order to get some quirky ideas for your dissertation paper, but exactly copying the ideas is not a good thing. To avoid such mistakes, you can always download some plagiarism checkers in your system and maintain the originality through it.

Spelling Mistakes: Students easily get confused with the spellings and therefore, a lot of spelling errors can be detected in their dissertation work.

My Tip: If you are not clear with a lot of spelling, always have a spelling software in your program in order to avoid some silly spelling mistakes or else your work might look unprofessional.

Overall Formatting: Writing an essence of the dissertation paper is not easy, you may not be flooded with the ideas every time, in fact, you might come with some fantastic ideas in the vaguest hours of midnight, and you might start writing them immediately without even focusing on the paper format.

My Tip: Always take care of the following things while crafting a dissertation paper.

  • Font Size
  • Font Color
  • Letter Spacing
  • Page Spacing
  • Page Numbers
  • Headings
  • Heading Number and Bullet Styles

To make your dissertation paper look even and wise at all steps, it essential to take care of all the points as mentioned above or else your work might look messy.

Use of Images: We all know images work better than textual content. But many a time student fail to insert pictures in an impressive manner, and therefore the work looks a little strange.

My Tip: Don’t ever use Stock Images, dissertation help experts never endorse it.

Explain Images and Diagrams: If you think that writing two-three lines under the image or diagram is enough, then you’re profoundly wrong.

My Tip: Write a paragraph for discussing the image or a diagram. Always insert the image after adding the paragraph description before. Inserting an image on page number 4 and adding the description on page number 5 would make your work look unpresentable and uninteresting.

Usage of Abbreviations: Students often forget to restrict the usage of abbreviations in their dissertation writings. Infusing too many abbreviations might make it challenging to understand your text.

My Tip: If your work has some amount of abbreviations in it, then don’t ever miss to add one extra page of abbreviations in your thesis paper. Doing this can immensely help your readers to get a clear understanding.

Full Page Paragraphs: Students usually commit this most mediocre format error. This makes their work look extremely long and non-engaging.

My Tip: Make sure your paragraphs are not more than 4-5 lines. If you want your readers to read the content, then make sure you write short paragraphs and form short sentences. It is the best rule for good readability of content.

Dissertation Review Checklist: Make a quick checklist to review your dissertation mistakes before submitting it.

  • Check Font Size/Color /Style
  • Image Captions.
  • Page margins and letter spacing.
  • Front Page: Registration Number, Name of Department/Institution, Name of Supervisor and Title of your Dissertation.
  • Read the guidelines provided by the university / college again
  • Volumes/Concentrations etc.
  • Scientific names
  • Data of the tables and Flowcharts
  • Either the Document is print-friendly or not.

Make sure you check all the given points thoroughly before submitting the dissertation paper.

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