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Biggest Problems in Managing Study Well

Biggest Problems in Managing Study

Common Study Problems and Their Solutions

They say student life seems to be one of the best time of anyone’s life. You need not have to worry about any problems that adult faces to survive and live.

On the contrary, even students have their academic challenges which if not taken care at the right time, then it could lead to a catastrophic situation.

Whether you are a school student or a college student, you must be facing some problems in managing your studies well including time management, study burden, vast course and many more.

If you are students and if you want to know how to manage time effectively then here you are in luck.

In this post, we have come up with all such problems and their solution related to studies that will help you do well in your academics.

Problems of numerous distractions

It is very easy for students to get easily distracted by various stimulations in their surroundings.

Whether its social media platforms, peer group, mobile games, video games or binge-watching your favorite TV series on Netflix, everything plays a crucial role as a distraction in your study schedule.

Avoiding all such distraction is the first step for strong time management for college students. You can do that by creating the right learning environment.

Eliminate all the things from your study place that make you feel distracted including your mobile phones, TV, video games, etc.

If you have a study pattern that requires a laptop then you can use various applications that create a distraction-free environment. Dark Room is the application that will help you in such situation.

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Lack of self-motivation

Self-motivation is the strongest drive which induces any individual to work hard to attain the desired goal. Lack of self-motivation often seems prevailing in the students.
It is because of the lack of motivation, students avoid the importance of time management in their study and become reluctant towards their academic schedule.
Here’s how you can work on improvising your motivation:

  • Do not stress yourself with an overburden of study. Stay tireless & stress-free.
  • In between your study schedule, involve yourself in activities that keep your interest on.
  • Make your teachers your friend and they will be your best study buddy and drive away your study boredom.
  • Don’t just keep studying. You can involve yourself in other activities.
  • Take full 8 hours sleep. It will rejuvenate your mind and enhance your study efficiency.
  • Stop worrying about failure. Perform best under your teacher’s guidance, and you will score well in exams.

Challenge in memorizing facts & figures

Whether you are a college student or a Ph.D. degree aspirant, learning all the facts and figures for exams has been a challenging task for all equally.
Students have to learn and remember different facts and figures for different subjects. To perform this monumental task you need to revise every fact as more as possible.
Here are some great memory hacks that help you to prepare a time management checklist and prepare for your exams:

  • Prepare a well-organized study list.
  • Visualize what you study, mentally connect it with images, & recall information.
  • Translate study into something easier to understand like remembering the first letters of a string of information.
  • Learning anything in rhythmic form is easy to remember things for a longer term.

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Concentration problem

Concentration is a major issue prevailing among the students. There are different kinds of elements which do not let students focus on their studies.
Above in this post, you have learned to cope with distractions, but what about the concentration problem.

Try to avoid and eradicate all the things that you think, spoil your concentration. If you are the one who constantly checks Instagram or Facebook feeds even if not required, you certainly require to improve your level of concentration.

Another way to improvise your concentration level is by adopting new ways for learning things such as study in isolation, learning with fellow students, learning by drawing diagrams and drawings, etc.

Absence of time management for college students

Time is precious, the statement becomes quite evident when it comes to academics.

Numbers of different subjects, the burden to cover everything in the stipulated time can lead to mismanagement of time.

As a student, you have to understand the importance of time management. If you are struggling in completing your task in the stipulated timeframe, feeling overwhelmed with the access to work and if you end up submitting your task after the deadline then you must require to prepare time management checklist. 

Some important ways of time management for college students to improve productivity are as follows:

  • Find a place filled with peace and quietness.
  • Lighten up your stress with mild music.
  • Switch off all gadgets while studying like mobile, laptop, etc.
  • Take a long walk, it will in eliminate all stress.
  • Prepare to-do list, and study accordingly.
  • Set study time.
  • Avoid procrastination.
  • Study in bits, it will help in memorizing things.

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Common Problems for Students Biggest problems managing study Common study problems Common Problems Students Face in College
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