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7 Best Ways to Overcome Your Homework Essay Writing Problems

Essay Writing Problems

Homework Essay Writing Problems

Essay writing is the most effective way for you to develop writing and critical thinking skills. It will help you to expand your horizons in creative writing and prepare you for academic writing at higher levels. 

It is necessary for you to undertake essay writing if you want to cultivate writing skills for higher education. 

Skills are built slowly. You can't expect to develop writing skills overnight. It's a step by step process to prepare yourself to be on the pedestrian of writing.

When students are given essay writing homework, they often panic as essay writing requires more time and dedication than normal homework. 

Homework Essay Writing Problems are common to most of the students. Nobody wants to get stuck writing lengthy paragraphs in playtime. Often the topic of the essay gives students nightmares, and they develop a fear of failure.

Essay writing problems are just like any other problem that needs a solution. We will provide you the solution, and then it's your job to complete the essay.

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Below we will share with you seven problems that students face while writing an essay, and some tips to overcome them.

Essay Writing Problems for Students and their solutions

Improper Research 

You can't write about a topic if you don't have adequate information about it. Often students find it difficult to research for their essay topics, and they end up losing the hope to complete it on time.


As soon as you get the topic, you should search online about the books providing information about it. Make a list of these books and visit the library to collect them, you can also use pdf formats if you find them online. 

Go through these books very carefully and note down important points, arguments, and counter-arguments that you can use in your essay and arrange them accordingly.

The beginning

To start an essay in the right way requires in-depth thinking, the first line should be compelling enough to make the reader move ahead on the essay. Often students face problems in creating the perfect first line and spend hours brainstorming about it.


Write a rough sketch about the topic but don't spend much time on it. Go through it, again and again, to get an idea of the central theme once you get the main theme of the topic, try to make the first line on the basis of the theme. It will show the reader what he's up for.

Another great way to start the essay is to use a quote that is relevant to your topic. But make sure you don't choose irrelevant quotes just for the sake of mentioning them, it will put the reader off immediately.

Improper tone 

Often students find themselves using improper tone while writing their essays. This can cause serious consequences while your teachers are going through your essay for grading it.


Academic writing should be simple, clear, and logical in tone.

Sometimes students use heavy irrelevant words to show their vocabulary but end up being judged as someone who doesn't have the proper knowledge and is hiding behind the cloak of words.

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Avoid using rude words in your essay, and try to convey your message in the most polite way possible.

Essay Writing Problems regarding the tone are typical for students at every step of the academic ladder.


Using other people's intellectual property without giving them acknowledgment can land you in serious trouble. This is called plagiarism, and this can cost you your reputation and even degrees at a higher level.


During the phase, when you are researching for your essay, you should note down the sources accurately. The sources need to be cited in your essay with great care.

Do not mix up your sources, or you will end up citing the wrong author. Check and recheck your essay to see if you have mentioned all the sources properly.

Plagiarism checking software is available online if you want to check your essay for plagiarism.

Time management 

Students often start procrastinating when they have essay writing homework in hand. This results in them not being able to complete and submit their essays on time.


Never procrastinate. Start working on your essay as soon as you get the topic and manage your time accordingly. You don't have to complete the essay in a single sitting unless your deadline is the next day.

Do a little every day, but make sure you don't miss out on a single day.

Online essay writing help is available if students find themselves under a short deadline.


Some students find it difficult to proofread or edit their essays. They might find it an uninteresting work or may lack time to do so.


Online software is available to do proofreading for your essay. You just have to copy and paste your essay and click the check button. All your mistakes will be visible there so that you can edit them.

Fear of failure

If you start thinking that you won't be able to complete the essay on time, or you will not write a high scoring essay, or you may make a fool out of yourself in the class, then you have a fear of failure.


Self-doubting to a certain limit is healthy, it will make you practice in your approach, but if you drown yourself into the ocean of self-doubt then you will end up being depressed. 

Keep a practical approach, write the first draft of your essay and show it to your teacher asking for suggestions, they will be happy to help. This practice will boost your confidence while keeping you practical.

Homework Essay Writing Problems are common and you should not panic if your are facing one.

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Homework Essay Writing Problems Essay Writing Problems Essay Writing Problems for Students
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