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Be the ace student: Best tips to finish your homework on time!

Best Tips for finish Homework on Time

Homework Tips : Time Management

Staying up late again to study tonight? Are you preparing for an exam? Or perhaps finishing piled up homework for this week? Breathe, it will all be done in the end.

Budgeting your time for all of your subjects in one term can indeed be very challenging to juggle together. It is a known fact that students oftentimes sacrifice their sleep just to finish academic requirements. Research suggests that sleep heavily affects one’s learning abilities and memory. Getting an average of 8 hours of sleep per night is also positively associated with higher grades, says the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  Moreover, according to a study at the University of Kentucky, an additional hour of sleep on average lowered the odds of emotional disturbance by 25 percent. 

Hence, not only is sleep-deprivation affecting your academic performance negatively, but it is also contributing badly to your emotional and mental health. Now take a break for a minute and read these tips on how you can manage your assignments better next time so you would not be deprived of sleep:

Write them down as they come

Yes, it really does help writing them down. No, not on your phone or your tablet—writing them down on a piece of paper! Experts say that writing down by hand actually improves your memory, making you more productive and attentive.

It also helps if you have a daily diary or a reminder notebook, so they are organized in one place. Using that notebook, every time there is an additional task is asked by your teacher, take down notes—especially if you have things already in mind on how to finish it. This will help you later on when you start doing them at home or at the library. You can purchase a calendar notebook or a small notepad as your reminders tickler so you are able to bring it anywhere.

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Start the homework right after the class

Yup, you read that right. Finish it as soon as possible! According to a study done in 2007, 9 out of 10 college students procrastinated on a regular basis, particularly when completing homework. In order to combat this, it is best that during break time you go to the library or anywhere quiet to finish tasks that can be done immediately such as writing an essay or solving the math problem your teacher gave you. This way, you are not only accomplishing your tasks faster, but you are also giving yourself more time for fun after school.

Use Google calendars to remind you of your tasks

Students today are blessed that they have the technology by their side. Now you can easily remember things through Google calendars. By putting up reminders through the app, you are able to synchronize it not only on your phone but also on your other devices such as your laptop or smartwatch. In case you are doing group work, you can also share your calendar with your groupmates to make your division of labor easier to do! 

Accomplishing the homework systematically

Yes, we all know it is easier said than done. But really, what it takes to manage your time properly is strategizing before doing anything else. Here are some ways you can systematically accomplish your homework in order for you to save time and stay efficient:

  • Chronological method

This helps if you are a person who remembers things easier chronologically. Doing it as it came up will help you manage the tasks as you are able to think about what those tasks are related to. This specifically helps more in answering math problems as often you cannot progress in the next topic without the foundation of the former, so it is better to do it chronologically.

  • Task priority method

If you are having a hard time doing it chronologically, then try to do it using the task priority method. You can arrange all the tasks based on how easy they are to do and if they are urgent or not. First, categorize them based on their urgency: mark them as urgent or non-urgent. Then within each section, rank them based on how easy they can be accomplished. From then, you are able to visualize which tasks to do first.

Seek help from a professional tutor

Now there may be a time when  you cannot do anything about your piling up homework and class requirements. We understand that. If worse comes to worst that you do not have enough time to finish your homework, this is the time that you need to seek help from a professional tutor. 

Visit HomeworkMarket answers page to check if there are any available answers to your homework already so you could save time and focus on other requirements. Happy learning!

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