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Overview: The Best of Smart Classroom Management System

Smart Classroom Management System

The Best of Smart Classroom Management System 2019

Education evolved with time, like any other thing. As civilizations matured, the distribution of knowledge became more sophisticated, and we ended up in the modern classroom. Classrooms are the place where teachers impart knowledge to their pupils.

It's a special place where students spend most of their time in the early years to gain the knowledge to survive in the modern world. Without proper education, life is hard in these times, and the students must strive to gain a proper education in their student years.

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With the changing society, the education system must change to provide adequate knowledge and resources to students. Academics undertake extensive research in different spheres of education, for example, course material, duration of subjects in the academic year, and effective communication with students.

Smart classroom management system and effective communication with students is highly essential as they now have more distractions than ever before. To keep up with the changing mindset of the students, academics must come up with new ideas to keep education interesting and enlightening.

Scientific management of courses and infrastructure is necessary to do so. Classes are an important part of the infrastructure; students must feel comfortable in classes to give proper attention to lectures.

Smart classroom management ways are essential to do so, and teachers strive hard to make classrooms more effective in imparting knowledge.

Modern classrooms have to provide adequate comfort and a perfect ambiance to students for active learning.

Smart classroom solutions are necessary to be it at high school or college level. Here we will share with you an overview of modern classroom management.

The smart classroom management plan for high school teachers

High school is an essential step in the academic ladder, students here differ from elementary schools, and teachers must adapt themselves according to the students if they don't carry the necessary experience in managing high school classes.

Below we have shared some tips for effective classroom management in high school.


Smiling is the most effective way to communicate. Smiling gives the signal of kindness and politeness that is necessary to gain confidence. Teenage students need to be comfortable with their teachers, and smiling helps in bringing that comfort zone.

In Smart classroom solutions smiling is a must. 

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Make the rules clear!

High school students are from an age group that doesn't go well with rules. They are moving toward adulthood. Teenagers are a little difficult to manage than children and adults as they are in the rebellious phase of their lives where they are trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be. Often in this phase, students don't realize the importance of rules and regulation and effective communication in this stage is necessary to make the rules clear.

Appear confident

Teenagers need role models, and they will never choose role models who don't appear confident. So in order to make them listen to you, you should be confident yourself. Don't talk them down.

Teenagers don't like when someone talks them down. Instead, you must have a participatory conversation where you let them speak and correct them in a proper manner if needed.

The smart classroom management plan for college teachers

Most students in college are mature enough to understand what is right for them, so you as a college teacher are on easier terrain than high school teachers. Follow these steps if you want to manage your classrooms effectively.


Smart classroom model for college must include effective communication. Colleges are a place for gaining knowledge that will be the basis of a student’s professional life. 

So to make sure that they gain the necessary know-how that can help them professionally, communication and discussion must be given ample time so that they gain in-depth knowledge and not lust learn definitions.

Students at the college level prefer teachers who communicate their ideas well.


Professional life will demand students to collaborate with different people at different levels. You, as a teacher, are to promote collaboration among students by assigning them tasks that request it. 

Get involved with them with your expert advice when they collectively do the assigned tasks. This will not only develop collaboration skills in students but also help in class management as it will bring students close to each other and yourself.

Smart classroom model is always built upon the relationship between students and teachers with each other.

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Sitting arrangements

College classrooms are usually big, with a large number of students. Although college infrastructure is made keeping in mind the number of students some seats can be less accommodative than others.

Make sure you take adequate steps to arrange the seats better so that even the last benchers can communicate with you effectively.

Assignment management 

College courses come with a lot of assignments and projects, as assignments are usually time-bound so you must strive to make time management efficient. 

Make sure to give necessary lectures about the topic before you declare the assignment. This will help the student with a proper understanding of the topic. 

Also, give adequate time to students for completing their assignments and make the declaration as soon as you can.

Michael Linsin classroom management plan

Michael Linsin is a teacher, education expert, and online blogger. He has also authored books on effective classroom management. 

Classroom management cannot be discussed without mentioning this expert. Her we will give you a short introduction to Michael Linsin classroom management plan for high school teachers.

Michael Linsin has recommended the following four basic rules that teachers must enforce in class.

  • Listen carefully and follow the given directions.
  • Before speaking or leaving your seat students should raise their hands                                                                     
  • Your hands and feet should be kept to yourself.
  • Respect your teachers and your classmates.
  • If a student refuses to follow these, then he has suggested three consequences 

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1st consequence: Simple warning 

2nd consequence: Time out punishment

3rd consequence: letter to parents.

Smart Classroom Management System is the future of education and governments throughout the world should formulate policies to support schools in adapting them.

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