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5 Best Polling Tools to Keep Students Engaged

5 Best Polling Tools Keep Students Engaged

Polling and Survey Tools to Keep Students Engaged

Studying in a class can sometimes become daunting. Students often don’t find it interesting sitting in a lecture.

Getting students engaged in a class is one of the most important factors in the teaching process. It is quite difficult to find out what students are thinking about a class and the subject topic.

In the past few years, the way of teaching has changed a lot. Teachers have started taking extra pain to make their class more interactive and interesting for students.

In the present time, many teachers have started taking help of state of the art polling tools for students that help students engaged with the lectures.

In a recent study, it has been found that ever since teachers have started using polling and survey tools for students the classes have become more interactive.

Students love the use of polling tools in the classroom. With these tools, students stay more attentive and aware of the topic in the class.

With the help of these engaging polling tools for students in the class, teachers can gather instant feedback and make their lecture more interesting.

In the market there are numerous polling tools are available in the form of software, devices, mobile apps, and plugins.

All these polling tools for students help teachers conduct live polls during the lecture or a presentation which invoke students’ participation and make the class or a session interactive.

Whether you are a teacher or a student if you want instant feedback from your audience, then here is the list of best polling tools that make every session interactive.

With the help of these polling tools for students, we want to help students to improve their concentration.

The list of top polling tools to promote students engagement

Feedier – Next generation feedback tool for teachers & students

Feedier, as its name suggests, is one of the most thoughtful and interactive platforms that collect audience feedback in a very smooth way.
The user interface of this polling platform is highly interactive and offers an enjoyable experience to all the survey respondents, which of-course majorly are the students.
The major features of the free version of this software include one user account, two dynamic filters, unlimited feedback facility, single survey option, and many more options.
Users of the free version of this software can send up-to to 100 emails per month. Along with that you would also able to send customized thank you email to your survey respondents after the survey result received.

Poll Everywhere – Best online polling software

Known for its quick audience response system, Poll Everywhere is one of the robust software that enables users to create polls in PowerPoint and Google Slides.
Easy to use in classrooms and conferences this software enables users to set up polls and deploy them seamlessly from desktop computers or even on your smartphones.
Every student respondents, to give their answers can use desktops and smartphones. The software also facilitates students to tweet their responses through twitter.
It has an interesting and beautiful interface and displays the results in real-time.
Teachers have a plethora of polling and quizzing options to conduct in the class in the form of multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, Q&A polls, true or false quizzes, & clickable image poll to name a few.

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Lime Survey – Online survey tools for students

This survey tool is open-source software. It is available in three different versions namely basic, expert and enterprise.
Various profit & non-profit organizations, market research institutions, students, different colleges and universities, government organizations, and political bodies use this software.
Being an open-source download, the Lime Survey software offers several benefits over a free or freemium software available in the market.
Backed up by a huge community of developers who are ready to help users through any difficulties.
If a teacher or a student wants to conduct a global survey then, in that case, Lime Survey would be the best choice, as it allows users to conduct a poll in over 80 languages.
The only limit in this software is that it allows only 25 responses per month. Users are offered all the features and benefits through this software which comes with the paid polling and survey tool.

Polldady – Online tools for teaching & learning

This brilliant survey tool allows users to create custom made polls for email campaigns, social networking pages, and websites. With that Polldady also enables us to interpret polls, survey, quizzes, and ratings.
Teaching has become more interactive and interesting with the presence of this poll assessment tool.
With the help of this software, you can create a beautiful poll and view their results through eye-catchy pie charts, bar graphs, exports and results and many more.
If you want to incorporate this into your WordPress websites, then there are available exciting polldady polls and rating plugins to make your survey easy to attend.
Available in three variations, free, pro and corporate, the polldady is compact with some major interesting features such as easy to use editor, SSL support, custom survey option, multiple languages, robust reporting, and wide response collection.

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Survey Anyplace – Software for polls, surveys, assessments

One of its kinds of polling software, Survey Anyplace can take effectively help users to create custom polls. It induces the targeted audience to answer the questions easily and efficiently.
Listed among the best polling tools for teachers and students is available three options, essential, professional and enterprise model.
Numerous teachers of different educational institutes, use this software to make their classes more interactive and to collect the insights from students in an exciting and engaging manner.

Some of the most important features of this software include:

  • It helps you choose tried and true question types to receive the required feedback from the students.
  • Engage with students and incentivize them to take part in the class activities through a digital scratch or slot machine.
  • It enables you to conduct interactive quiz, question pools with quiz timer & gauge the knowledge of students in real-time.
  • It also helps users to take reporting to the next level with data filters for a proper refined report.

Best Polling Tools Keep Students Engaged Polling Tools for Students
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