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Association for Teacher Education in Europe Conferences

Teacher Education Conferences 2019

Welcome to ATEE conference 2019 for teachers’ education - Bath Spa University

Teaching is one of the noblest professions among all. A teacher is the one who is responsible for the overall development of a child.

A child spends most of the time with his or her teacher and so in this way, it is the teacher who can leave a lasting impression in a child’s heart and mind.

The responsibilities of teachers are paramount, and therefore, it becomes more necessary that a teacher should have proper experience and knowledge in ones’ subject but also on the moral ground.

Several governments and non-government organizations are constantly working in promoting teachers’ education.

One such organization is the Association for Teacher Education in Europe.

Understanding the Association for Teacher Education in Europe

Popularly known as the ATEE, the Association for Teacher Education in Europe is a leading non-profit organization in Europe.

This NPO is established with an aim to augment the quality education of teachers in the European group of countries. The entire team of ATEE is constantly supporting the professional development of the teachers in Europe.

They also focus on developing teachers educators of all levels. Be it about imparting adequate knowledge of the subject matter or about polishing teaching skills of teachers, ATEE never leaves any stone unturned in making quality education a reality.

Association for Teacher Education in Europe conducts various events and conferences around the year to develop and enhance the professional competences of teachers.

ATEE conferences and teaching skills

A good teacher is someone who is always critical to students’ achievement. Now the question arises, how a teacher becomes a “good teacher”. 

The answer to this is by imparting proper training and events. Just like conferences, educational events and training programs are essential for different professions, the same goes with the teaching profession.

ATEE understand this and for that, it often conducts various conferences around the years. 

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Generally, ATEE in association with the member institutions, conduct three major conferences every year. Among all the three, the main is the Annual Conference that held during every summer. This annual conference is held on a specific topic related to the education of teachers.

The two conferences include the winter conference and the spring conference which are held by one of the RDCs of ATEE and Baltic countries respectively.

ATEE Conference in The Year 2019

ATEE Winter Conference 2019

The winter conference is one of the three major conferences conduct during a year.

The administrative of ATEE has decided to conduct the winter conference to discuss & brainstorm on all the major issues studied by the Research and Development Communities of the Association (RDCs).

The winter conference generally takes place between the months of February to March.

ATEE winter conference in 2019 happened on 15th April 2019. This year it was focused on Science and Mathematics Education in the 21st century.

ATEE Spring Conference 2019

The Baltic States or the Baltic Republics are also known as the group of countries referred to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania held the ATEE spring conference every year.

The spring conference is the second event that is organized by the universities of the Baltic States during the year for teachers’ education.

Every year the spring conference is organized between the months of May to June. In the previous year, it was held on June 9th.

ATEE spring conference 2019 was held on 7th June. The focus of this conference was on innovation, technologies, & research in the field of education.

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Teachers from the most northern part of Europe that represents different fields and stages of education become part of this two days conference.

Together they all create a lively platform for exchanging research and practice.

ATEE Annual Conference 2019

One of the most important conferences among all the three, the annual conference by ATEE holds a prominent place in enhancing teachers’ education program.

The annual conference is held generally for three days. It is a brilliant meeting place that offers a great platform to teachers, educators and researchers from all across the world.

Being the main event of ATEE, the annual conference is the amalgam of various keynotes and spectrum of inspiring research papers on the practice of TE.

Every year, the annual ATTEE conference is organized in between the months of August to October. In 2018 it was organized in August.

In 2019, ATEE annual conference will also be going to be held in August on 13th to 16th at Bath Spa University, UK.

The Research and Development Communities (RDCs) organize active working sessions during the annual conference in a friendly and lively atmosphere.

The ATEE annual conference 2019 will focus on teacher education in a changing global context.

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