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5 Big Mistakes Students Make in English Assignment Writing

5 Big Mistakes Students Make in English Assignment Writing

Top 5 Most Common Grammar Mistakes in English Assignment

I love writing my English assignments, but I find them way too tricky! Typical sentence fragmentation and stupid grammatical errors make me go insane.

Well if you are a final year student with English as your major subject than you don’t deserve to say this at all. But if we go through the facts, it wouldn't be wrong to say that most of the English students struggle with the same problems.

In this article, you’ll learn about the five most common yet the biggest mistakes that a student always commits while writing an English Assignment.

Let's begin with the most common mistake made by the students in an English essay;

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5 big mistakes students

Spelling & Grammatical Errors

How can you not know the difference between than and then? Or how can you wrongly spell January?

Half of the English literature students can relate to this; I am pretty much sure!

Yes, silly errors like these can act as a blunder in your English Assignment Writing. Even the brightest students get confused with the spellings and give a chance to the professors to consider them stupid.

Note: If you are unsure about the spellings or any other grammatical thing, always remember google is there to sort everything out.

Now let's move to the next common mistake that's often found in writing English papers.

Poor Structure

Are you unable to understand the structure of an English Assignment?

Often students submit a poorly structured assignment to the professor and score the poorest of marks. Though it is not easy to structure an assignment correctly but, there's no harm in taking help from the professors.

Taking help from your friends can help you a lot; also you can always go through the English Assignments of your seniors and develop a better understanding.

Repetition & Irrelevant Things

Do you use phrases to make your work look attractive?

Well, using phrases to make your work look interesting is a good way of capturing the attention of the readers, but many a time students make the mistake of repeating the phrases. You may not realize this, but your write-up may annoy your professor and might kill his interest in the middle itself.

Sometimes the students also use phrases which are outdated or unheard, this makes your piece of writing look a little strange, and the reader might not be able to understand what you are trying to say.

Sentence Fragmentation

Do You Get Confused While Framing The Sentences?

Well, this is a general thing found in most of the English Assignments; this error often occurs because students are not bright with the tenses. They mostly mix two tenses and form a sentence which is grammatically incorrect.

Note: Develop a reading habit on a regular basis and learn how to frame a sentence appropriately.

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Wordy Write-ups

Are your assignments too wordy to understand?

Most of the students think that writing the same thing in different forms would make their work look long and engaging. But what they don’t realize is that this makes their write-up extremely wordy and the readers might find it difficult to understand the basic idea of the assignment.

Keep your assignment short sweet and simple to understand.

Now you must be thinking that how can you write your English Assignment without making mistakes?

Well, it is always said to become a great writer you should be a great listener and a fantastic reader, you can clear all your doubts by indulging yourself in reading books, magazines, newspapers and various other reading sources. Also, you can always go through this article before you start writing your English Assignment.

I hope you had a fun time while going through this piece of writing.

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22 Mar, 2019

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